Firefighters rescue mystery rodent: Any ideas?

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It was a structural fire in Denver, Colorado on Monday morning, and of course the firefighters always check for any signs of life in need of rescue. Sure, we all see the photos of adorable puppies receiving oxygen and kittens cuddled in the protective arms of soot covered firemen rushing out of flaming buildings, but the South Metro Fire Rescue are heroes to even our smallest friends.

The fire company tweeted a photo of a very small animal describing the mystery creature as follows:

“Exhausted and covered in soot, this little South Metro resident escaped the fire without injuries but needed a helping hand. After some water and careful placement back in the open space, his day vastly improved.”

And we all know by now, Twitter can create quite the drama, but this time the post had everyone smiling and wondering just what was this mysterious little critter that looked so helpless yet quite adorable. The South Metrol Fire Company didn’t have any answers as to its species, and has reached out to the community for answers.

“It’s a rodent, but we’re not sure exactly what type.”

So far the vote is in to be a “vole.” Any ideas?

We’re just so proud of our firemen – great job men. You are heroes.

Check out the rescue efforts for this little guy on Twitter by clicking here and scrolling down just a bit! Photos and video courtesy of South Metro Fire Rescue.

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Deformed dog or not? Strange photo is driving people crazy! I’ll admit, this one took me awhile to figure out.


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