Firefighter accused of abandoning dog in a crate, leaving her to die

Firefighter accused of leaving crated dog to die in apartment closet

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A Missouri firefighter is accused of a heinous act of animal cruelty which left a dog dead. According to Fox 61 News, 25-year-old Blayne Trevor Theunissen, with the Kansas City Fire Department, locked his dog in a crate when he was evicted from his apartment.

By the time that the dog was discovered on September 17, inside of a bedroom closet, she was dead – a veterinarian who performed a necropsy on the dog reported that starvation left the Labrador retriever mix extremely emaciated. The dog reportedly weighed just 22 pounds when she died.

Nobody knows how long the dog suffered in her locked crate before finally dying – by the time the eviction was actually executed, Theunissen was already gone. A special investigator assigned to the case has stated that the alleged dog killer is not cooperating – the investigator said, “At this time, Blayne Theunissen is refusing to cooperate with the investigation involving animal abuse and neglect.”

Theunnisen is facing a misdemeanor charge for animal neglect and abuse. The fire department has not commented on the allegations against their firefighter. Outraged animal lovers have, however, been expressing their anger and disgust over the allegations on the Kansas City Fire Department Facebook page.

(Screenshot via Fox 61 News)

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17 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Fire fighters are supposed to be the “good guys” not do something like this to their dogs! I hope he gets more than just a “slap on the wrist”! He needs to suffer some of what he put his poor dog through!

  2. Beth L says:

    What an EVIL monster this scumbag is! He should be fired immediately as he shows utter disregard for the life of helpless creatures — what makes anyone think he would not do the same to a child or elderly person in a burning building??? Hey KC Fire Dept, this thug needs to be fired immediately!

  3. Adrienne says:

    He left and couldn’t take dog, find a place for her or taker her to shelter? He is a fire fighter? What does he do on his job if there are animals in a building that need being rescued? Does he do nothing or have someone else rescue them? What a scum to leave his own dog not just locked in a crate, but in a closet where no one could hear the poor dog crying. He should loose his job and never be allowed to own a pet again.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    now his ugly deed comes back to bite him in the ass. now infection sets in.
    I wonder if his suffering will be long and slow and never ending. what was he thinking? he was never really a fire man at all. he is just a poor excuse for a human who thinks locking a helpless best friend in a closet was a solution.

  5. ellen cottone says:

    how come, fire capt, girl friend, best friend family member never asked him where the dog come when a sheriff comes to evict a landlord or care taker does not evaluate the property and look in every closet for abandoned can you become a fire fighter in Missouri with out being totally background checked? how is it this is still happening anywhere in the free world? I don’t get it.

  6. Darla says:

    OMG, my heart is breaking for what this poor dog went through…..scared, trapped, alone, starving, thirsty, and in the dark wondering what she did wrong to deserve this treatment and why her dad didn’t come back for her. RIP sweet dog. This miserable POS who is supposed to SAVE people and animals deserves to be locked up in the dark without food or water and left to die.

  7. Carol says:

    Lock him up for a long time in a crate inside of a closet. This is what he deserves. I adopted a pit bull a year ago and he was left inside an apartment alone when his owner moved out. Luckily neighbors heard something and called the landlord and the dog was found. He still seems a little anxious about his food. Starvation is a terribly painful slow death. That poor dog. It really suffered.

  8. Linda Patton says:

    He needs to be fired from his job. Firefighters are supposed to show compassion and have a high regard for saving life’s, any life! To lock and starve your dog until death is horrific. As well as charges only being mistemeters, they should be strong felonies. He must be sentenced to a harsh prison term, he must pay for the suffering he caused this innocent animal. This fire department must step up and punish him to the fullest! Loss of his job, being forbidden to any type of custodial rights to any and all living beings must be forbidden for life. I’d question his treatment of humans as well. This type of human is morbid and a threat to society.

  9. vicki hood says:

    Blayne Trevor Theunissen. deserves lock up. Preferably with no food or water, no companionship–NOTHING. If he doesn’t lose his job and go to jail for Bubba to take care of, there is something wrong in the mighty Kansas city fire department and the courts.How this precious innocent dog died is a nightmare. He suffered so. Lets all stay on top of this. There has to be justice

    • Barbara Cordon says:

      I agree. I hope the fire dept plans on firing him and he goes to jail. He purposely did this vile heinous act to this dog. He is evil. What is wrong with him!!!! We do need to keep on top of this. Can soneone tell me how this works. I want to follow this case and make sure he gets prosecuted.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Kansas city needs to step up and FIRE this maggot – if this is what the fire department considers a good employee they need a huge wake up call – this punk is a vile, nasty and cruel specimen of the lowest form – he proved exactly what he is made of by leaving his dog to die a horrific death. He needs to be arrested, prosecuted and convicted of FELONY animal cruelty in addition to losing his job – he is a HUGE embarrassment to the Kansas City Fire Department.

  11. pamela bolton says:

    Throw his butt in a closet and forget him. If it was good enough for his dog, it is certainly good enough for him. He certainly doesn’t need to be breathing good air. This POS needs put in jail and forgotten.

  12. Cynthia Como says:

    A misdemenor????? Starvation is one of the most cruelest and horrific ways to die….it’s slow and painful and brutal! Is this evil,sub human POS the kind of individual the Kansas City Missouri fire department wants working for them????? REALLY???? Being paid with tax money to boot! What a disgusting injustice,a mere slap on the wrist is all that will be done to this sub human maggot when all is said and done! But this is the state of Missouri the home of many,many of our nations most disgusting puppy mills! SHAME SHAME ON KANSAS CITY AND ITS FIRE DEPARTMENT AND SHAME ON THE STATE OF MISSOURI!!! SMH


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