Firefighter accused of hurling puppy denied bail

Firefighter accused of hurling puppy into wall denied bail

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A Cape Cod firefighter, accused of abusing a woman and hurling a five-month-old puppy into a wall, has been denied bail because he is being considered a danger to the community. According to MassLive, the accused man, 27-year-old Sebastian Pessini, is in custody for a domestic assault situation in 2015.

Pessini, with the Dennis Fire Department, is accused of pinning a woman against a wall, throwing her to the ground and threatening to kill her, in addition to hurling a puppy against a wall, reports the Cape Cod Times. The alleged victim told the authorities that the abuse had been ongoing for approximately two years.

Pessini was arrested on Monday and he is currently on paid administrative leave from the fire department. He has denied the allegations against him.

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6 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This so called ‘man’ is a danger to humans and animals – he needs to be fired from the Dennis Fire Department – screw paid leave, Pessini has proven his lack of control and cruelty – I wouldn’t hire this hunk of sewer sludge to clean my cat litter – hope the fire department steps up and gets rid of him – hopefully, there are some inmates in the jail that will make him the victim of abuse – he so well deserves it. To treat an innocent animal so badly only shows what a loser this punk is.

  2. Darla says:

    Paid administrative leave? That pisses me off. I realize he’s innocent until proven guilty….let’s hope he has to pay back all of the money he got during his leave once he’s on permanent “leave” (jail).

  3. Shelley Star says:

    How sad to read this on a fireman. They are usually very wonderful and helpful human beings. Guess there are bad apples in every basket, too bad for all other good fireman. Hope he gets what her deserves in life. He will be losing a good job.

  4. michelle taylor says:

    This vile corrupt, puppy abusing POS, needs to be put to death.Death for this bastard is essential.He is repulsive trash.Administrative leave needs to be cancelled immediately. Fire department are known for having some real vile scumbags employed.They seem to attract trash.

  5. susispot says:

    They ALL deny the allegations. He needs to go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. And they need to KEEP him. The woman and her dog need to make tracks…fast!

  6. ellen cottone says:

    you can no longer hide behind your fire dude shield.
    its why you joined.
    so you can be mistaken for a good guy and try and get away with what you truely are.
    no good joe life saver here.
    just a bully who picks on girls and little dogs.
    behind closed doors,
    the real firemen are going to take turns beating the crap out of you.
    then they are going to throw you and your ass out the back door.
    you dont have to worry about answering the call of a fire sirean.
    your going to be too busy stocking slelves at home depot. taking orders from a 25 yr old supervisor,
    who quitely hates your guts, because your stupid and too slow.
    oh yes, you are a coward and a bully


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