Felony - woman threw dog from 17th floor of apartment building

Felony charge for woman who threw dog from 17th floor apartment

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A dog is dead and a New Jersey woman is facing a felony animal cruelty charge for allegedly throwing her boyfriend’s pug-mix from the 17th floor of an apartment complex in Camden. According to NJ.com, 28-year-old Juanita Jones allegedly threw Howie Ellis’ dog, Hazel, to her death on November 30 after a fight.

The accused woman’s boyfriend found his two-year-old dog on the sidewalk, not far from where his car was parked, moments after he left Jones’ apartment. A witness to the horrific incident reported that Ellis was “really upset” after finding his dog on the ground and noted that he had tried to bring her into the apartment complex immediately after find her, but apartment managers denied his attempt.

Jones, who is apparently no longer in jail, is scheduled to appear in a Camden County Superior Court next week.

(screenshot via NJ.com)

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17 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! This is jaw dropping cruel!!! I don’t consider the monsters that do this kind of thing to be part of the human species! And if this POS has children in her care I shudder to think the kind of treatment they recieve when her fury sparks! This kind of umfathomable act of cruelty deserves a VERY LONG prison term in my opinion! Too bad this poor dogs owner did not realize what kind of monster her left his defenseless pet with! I wish this depraved POD nothing but misery the rest of her worthless life!!!!!!’

  2. Helen says:

    I would throw this bitch from the 17th floor and hope she dies slowly. This heartless POS has a fight with her boyfriend; and decides to take revenge by throwing his dog from the 17th floor must be severely punished. What is the prison term for a felony animal cruelty charge? As always, not enough. And why the building management denied the owner’s assess to the building with his dead dog? Shame on the cold hearted building manager – you’re just as bad as the POS who killed this poor dog.
    RIP Hazel, you’re safe and free now.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      O Helen, I am right with you – this cu-t needs a massive dose of street justice and I would LOVE to give it to her. Another spineless sack of shit who takes their anger out on an innocent defenseless dog definitely deserves the same mercy she gave Hazel – NONE!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Do to this woman what she did to this poor dog. Horrific for his owner to find the dog like this. This would should be in jail for years and hope that they destroy her in jail. Nice girlfriend to have.

  4. Kathy Colbert says:

    Once again the innocent victims are the ones who suffer at the hands of “so-called human beings!” An eye for an eye justice is what this woman needs! People like that do not belong in society or on this earth for that matter!

  5. Pamela Bolton says:

    This is the kind of Sub-Human that needs to meet a firing squad ASAP. If she does this to a dog because she is pissed,wonder what else she will do if angered. He should have been allowed to take his dog into his apartment to grieve in private for awhile. No heart there either.

  6. Me' says:

    OMG. She should be tossed off the highest building in that city. Bitch does not deserve another minute of life, but they will do nothing to her.

  7. Kathy McGuire says:

    She was never in jail. We are following this case as the longest all volunteer animal rescue in Camden, NJ since 2005. She checked her nasty ass into crisis center after she threw the dog to avoid being arrested. She is going to be read her rights on Wed 12/20 in Cherry Hill, NJ and ask if she needs a public defender. She has checked out of this apartment building in one of the most violent cities in America. If YOU want to help call the Camden County Prosecutors Office and tell them this CANNOT BE DOWNGRADED TO A DISORDERLY PERSON but a crime of the third degree. The charge is under NJ Title Four 4:22-17(c)(1) YOU can call head of Grand Jury Mary Ellen Murphy 856 225 8400. Tell her we will not tolerate animal abuse. What is next a baby because Jaunita Jones has no conflict management skills?

  8. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Well she must have made bail, she needs a psychiatric eval, anger management course, and put in jail for a long time to let Bubbaette take care of her.

  9. Glendy Gandino says:



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