Famous bike riding dog ‘Milo’ victim of animal cruelty

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In White House, Tennessee, the owner of the well-known Schnauzer named Milo continues to grieve over the dog’s untimely death. Known as the unofficial mascot of his Joe Burris’ business, Value Cargo Vans, the friendly dog carried the title of “Tennessee Biker Dog” because he loved riding on the back of motorcycles.

Authorities are now investigating the possible case of animal cruelty. According to WsmvNews, as a driver had been delivering some vans to Burris’ business on Friday, Milo wandered outside. Later in the day a White House police officer called Burris telling him that his dog had been found dead. Burris believes the delivery truck driver killed his beloved pal by breaking the dog’s neck. The driver, however has a different version and  allegedly stated  the dog had charged him and after he kicked it a few times to get away, the dog landed in front a truck and was run over.

The driver has since then denied he ever kicked the dog and stated Milo ran onto the street on his own and was struck by a truck.

“From looking at my dog’s body, there were no marks, no blood and no scars. I’m confident he didn’t get hit by a truck,” stated Burris. “I just want justice for him. I would give my business to have Milo back today. It was like losing a child because I spent every day with him,” Burris said. “Every day and night, he worked here with me, he came to work with me.”

A necropsy to determine the dog’s exact cause of death was scheduled to be done on Wednesday. Rest in peace Milo.

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(Photo of Milo via screenshot WsmvNews)



9 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    If that truck driver did this, I hope some animal lover beats him senseless when he’s in prison each and every day he’s there.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    OMG this is terrible, that poor pup. My condolences to Mr Burris, for his loss of Milo. Rest in peace lil biker dog, you didn’t deserve this. I hope and pray they get justice for Milo!

  3. Edward says:

    W she was f****** face so we can f*** him up so f****** bad you killed f****** Milo you f****** piece of f****** douchebag shit I took the living mother f****** s*** out of you assholes so your mother f****** scumbag face

  4. Linda Patton says:

    That guy needs to be inprisioned, there is no excuse for what he did other then pure evilness. Milo did not deserve what happened to him. The person accused can’t even keep his story straight. Let’s say just for shi#* or giggles, Milo was acting aggressive twords him… Milo was a small elderly dog, couldn’t have been much more then an ankle biter, not to mention I’m quite sure someone would have heard commotion… barking, yelling, something. That person was filled with evilness and simply murdered that innocent dog. He must be arrested, charged, tried, and convicted. NO MERCY given!!! He must pay for his vicious crime! My heart breaks for dear Milo and what he was forced to endure, I pray he did not suffer. I pray for his human(s), that they find peace, and healing. Run free Milo, you’ve crossed the bridge into sheer beauty, lush green grass, many, many new friends, and long motorcycle rides anytime you want one. Ride on Milo… you’ll never be forgotten and will be forever missed. Thank you for blessing your humans and world with so many wonderful memories, thank you for choosing your humans to be yours, thank you for your tenderness and hours of devotion and laughter, thank you for being you!!! Ride on Milo, ride on… soon we will ride together again.

  5. jennifer says:

    I would be surpised if the dog was really aggressive towards that man. First it would be hard to keep an aggressive dog on a motorcycle without him constantly jumping off to attack someone every time the bike stopped in public. Secondly i doubt hks owner would still be in business if an aggressive dog comes to work with him every day and apparantely is quite popular enough to be the face of his company. Im calling bullshit on the driver and hooe he gets whats coming to him.


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