UPDATE: Famous 2-legged dog missing in Idaho after family hit bison

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Statement from family:

“Again, DUNCAN IS SAFE & back home. Our family is complete. Our family is also extremely, unfathomably fortunate. We will need time to process the last 24 hours, physically heal our wounds & likely a lot more time to psychologically heal from what we just went through. I’m not even sure how to tackle these thoughts, fears, feelings zooming through me as a mom who was certain mid-3rd roll that we were all going to parish. We are spending quality time together, supporting one another. This entire ordeal has been traumatic on many levels. When we are ready, we will share more details surrounding the accident. For now, I can tell you that we have a lot of emotions…”

A desperate search is underway in Island Park for a 2-legged dog named Duncan, after a fun vacation turned into a nightmare when the Washington family hit a bison with their truck and their beloved dog was ejected from the vehicle.

According to East Idaho News and Panda Paws Rescue, Gary Walters, his fiancee, Amanda Giese and her two children had been visiting Yellowstone National Park and had been on their way to Island Park when a bison popped out on U.S. Highway 20 at marker 403 near Idaho Highway 87. Walters’ vehicle rolled over several times and  two  of their three dogs were ejected from the truck; two were found underneath the truck, but Duncan remains missing.

“Tonight our family was involved in a rollover car accident & two of our three dogs were ejected from the vehicle through a window. We have found two of the three but we’re still missing Duncan (aka Dubbies). The accident occurred at mile marker 403 on highway 87 & US 20 between Island Park, ID & West Yellowstone. Duncan is very easy to identify as he ONLY HAS HIS TWO FRONT LEGS! He DOES walk/run on two legs & we’re hoping that when he was thrown from the vehicle that he got scared & ran somewhere to hide. He’s VERY friendly. We are still currently searching for him & will continue.”

The bison survived the injury but was severely injured. A passerby who arrived at the scene shortly after the accident occurred shot the mortally wounded animal.

For anyone not familiar with the famous two-legged dog’s story, Duncan was born with his rear legs fused in an erratic pattern. His legs were amputated because they were causing Duncan’s spine to twist and were of no use to him. Duncan is one of the most famous dogs helped by Panda Paws Rescue.

“We’ve had Duncan for four years and he’s just a really special dog,” Walters stated. “He’s part of our family and we need him back.”

The family and volunteers have spent all night searching for the dog, and it is suspected he could not have wandered too far. They are afraid he might be injured and in pain. The family is asking for volunteers to help.

“Our hearts are shattered right now & I don’t have the words to describe how terrified we are at the thought of losing him. IF FOUND PLEASE CALL 360-609-7416 or 541-690-6968 IMMEDIATELY!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Pray that Duncan is found safe and just hiding because he is scared. Leave article of clothes out for him to smell and even food that he normally eats. Put that where the accident was, has been known to help.

  2. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Swp that he is found safe and sound and soon this is heartbreaking. I hope everyone is okay and the other 2 dogs r OK. It says they were found under the truck not sure what that means for their fate?

  3. Susan Brummett says:

    Please read and share and ask your friends to do the same. Duncan, the two legged boxer from Vancouver, WA is missing after car accident in ID. Please pray that they find him soon.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Idaho is my neighboring state… There are very kind and caring animal lovers there for the most part… I hope they will take part in finding this amazing dog!!! He deserves a chance ….

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I remember Duncan’s story well, I am keeping this family and Duncan in our prayers that he is found safe and sound!


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