Family’s pet dog undergoes sex change after born with male and female organs

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A canine hermaphrodite has successfully undergone the rare operation of a sex change and has made a complete recovery. Molly, a Jack Russell terrier, was born with both female and male body organs. Shortly after Mary and Frank Finlay, from Glasgow, brought their puppy home, they began to notice some unusual habits whenever the dog would go outside to relieve herself. According to the Telegraph, not only would she squat to urinate, but at times she would also lift her leg. (now mind you she was thought to be a female puppy)

Concerned with Molly’s unusual behavior, the doting couple brought her to their vet, Ross Allan who discovered she was intersex, with elements of both male and female external genitalia. MRI scans and X-rays revealed her internal sexual organs were that of a male; she had testicles in the place of her ovaries within her abdomen.

Sadly, her condition had been causing her “significant” pain and abrasions – prompting the operation to improve the puppy’s quality of life.

“Her particular anatomy meant that whilst Molly appeared to be a female, closer examination revealed elements of both male and female external genitalia, and unfortunately this was leading to significant genital discomfort. If left untreated, this risked her developing a long-term and debilitating condition. We decided that the very best solution for Molly was to proceed with definitive surgery to create an anatomical situation which would avoid ongoing issues or discomfort.”

Molly’s surgeon removed her male parts and created an opening where her female genitalia would have been located. Her devoted family is ecstatic, and have not noticed any changes in the way their dog acts. Dr. Allan said Molly is now 18-months-old and acts like any other loving dog. Although quite rare, in most cases, hermaphrodites are just as loving and adorable.

(Photo screenshot of dog that underwent sex change via the Telegraph and family submitted photo)

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  1. Strange. I have never heard of such a situation. I hope this surgery is a long term fix for this little cutie. She looks a lot like my dog in her face.


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