Family’s dogs brutally tortured – police are investigating

Family's dogs tortured
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An Oceanside, California, family’s two dogs have been brutally tortured for months by an unknown abuser and the local police are investigating. According to Thursday’s ABC News 10, the most recent attack on the family’s two Siberian huskies left the dogs with horrific injuries, including a gouged out eye and acid burns on their bodies.

The dogs, Estrella and Cocayo, have been subjected to torture by the unknown assailant since December, when they were poisoned with THC – in February, both dogs were burned with acid while inside of their yard and the recent attack, which involved somebody breaking into the family’s home, nearly claimed their lives.

The brutality of the recent attack prompted the dogs’ owners to move out of their home – they worry that perhaps one of their neighbors could be behind the horrific torture.

Anyone with information about these acts of cruelty should call the Oceanside police and ask for Lt. Saadat at  (760) 435-4580.

Find the GoFundMe account for the injured dogs here.

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  1. Omg who could do such a terrible thing this is beyond belief I hope this scum is caught and severely punished the pain these poor dogs must of been in doesn’t bear thinking about a horrific act

  2. This is terrible, no one should have to live in fear of their or their pet’s safety. Someone knows who is doing this, and they need to turn in the monster! Prayers for this family and Estrella and Cocayo.

  3. I hope when they find these cretins that they put them under the jail. there is NO sense in doing this to any dog just because they might not like the people who live there. this is sickening and should be dealt with harshly. Make these abusers pay for ALL the dogs treatments now and in the future.

    • I live near pala/silverwood, we all have to help out to find this marble of nut case.Once convicted , the jailbirds may take care of this monster.
      It’s got to be one of neighbors!
      The acid may have been bought at pool supply store. To all of you sure to check your WM trash cans that acid container is not dumped in there.We hope the police will do lots of searching!!

    • D.D
      I heard about breed of Siberian huskies ,my neighbor had one and died, and they are hyper and has ongoing bark.This must have really irriated the nut! Previous owners had problems.They must alert the next ones that move in. Hope someone has seen something

  4. That family needs to put up cameras to catch these fuckers, then take care of them themselves before they target another family.

  5. This family never noticed their dogs were being abused? I had a hard time hearing what the video said – Oceanside needs to step up and thoroughly investigate this case – Estrella and Cocayo deserve justice.

  6. A horrible and frightening situation to be in. Hoping for a speedy recovery for both dogs. Also that “neighbor” needs to be caught soon!!!!!

  7. Thank God the family moved. I hope the Police find out who is doing this and do the same to them. ASSHOLES!!!

  8. Oceanside needs to step up and lead a complete investigation, these are heinous crimes probably hate crimes from a neighbor. Just because you consider the lives of dogs less then human life that is no reason not to investigate and hold whoever is accountable to the fullest. If I caught anyone torturing/ abusing my animal or any other animal, I’d kill them with my own two hands. Disgraceful POS!

  9. Something needs to be done here! If the owner thinks it was his neighbor, chances are he is probably right!!! Go get him before he strikes again! If they were my dogs,……that neighbor would be looking for a home on Pluto!

  10. SOMEONE KNOWS WHO DID THIS!!! If you do not report them….. you are 100% JUST AS GUILTY OF THE ABUSE as the monster who did it!

  11. This is horrible, but at least the dogs have been returned to their owners…and I think they are wise for moving from there since their dogs /family is being targeted by some freaks. Get well wishes to the two dogs.

  12. What the hell!! How bazaar and horrific! Poor dogs! I hope and pray that they csn find the evil that has done this so they can be promptly fined,in a perfect world they would be found and thrown in jail for many years but sadly that’s not the reality


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