Dog shot and killed outside of airport

Family’s dog shot and killed by airport security officer

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On Tuesday evening, a family’s beloved dog was shot and killed by an airport security officer in Honolulu, reported KHON2 News. The devastating situation took place around 7 p.m., outside of the Honolulu International Airport.

Leisha Ramos had flown from the big island of Hawaii to Oahu and her two-year-old pit bull, Kaiele, flew with her. Ramos’ boyfriend picked Kaiele up from the cargo area and when Ramos met up with them, the dog was temporarily tied to a nearby tree while the couple loaded luggage into the vehicle.

While Kaiele was tethered in the grassy area, a male security officer approached the family – somehow the dog broke free from the chain and the officer shot him in the head before his owner could grab the leash. Ramos is heartbroken over the violent incident which left their dog dead – she told KHON2, “My dog was a good dog. I was sitting on the ground with my dog and my dog was just laying down on grass. He wasn’t even hurting anybody or trying to get to anybody. There was a lot of people on the side saying the dog wasn’t aggressive and he wasn’t. He runs away from chihuahuas. I can take him to parks. I lay my daughter next to him.”

Officers remained at the scene for several hours after the shooting. According to the Daily Mail, the family is considering legal action against the officer and the airport.

What are your thoughts? Was the shooting a knee-jerk reaction to a large, black pit bull being free? Or was the security officer justified because the dog was not fully under control? Please share your comments below.

(Screenshots via KHON2)

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61 replies
  1. Elaine says:

    Yes and they should seek action….what a moron….thats sooo terrible…that jerk should lose his job….or at least his weapon.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    This is A GUN HAPPY ASSHOLE who SHOULDN”T have had access to a GUN in the first place… It is apparent he wasn’t properly trained… or was trigger happy/// ” In Wyoming it is often CALLED BUCK FEVER”! He couldn’t resist shooting and lucky he didn’t shoot a passerby in the process..

  3. Susan M. Bissell says:

    Looks like the police shot him because he was a pit bull. Why didn’t the police give the owners a chance to secure their dog??? I can see if the dog was running around and being aggressive, then the police have to do something! But this is just plain wrong the dog was not being aggressive or running lose around the parking lot.

  4. Helen says:

    The officer over reacted. He automatically assumed the dog is dangerous because its a pit bull. Very typical response. My heart goes out to Kaiele and his mom.

  5. Stephanie Heaton says:

    This is horrible. I think this officer is wrong for what he did and should be charged. My deep condolences to the family. ????????????????

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    My thoughts? Leisha Ramos’s dog was MURDERED by a POS security officer that has no business being in possession of a gun if they can’t handle a dog. The owner was there, at least give them time to get their dog! I would be suing this idiot and please someone take away his gun!

  7. resqdogz says:

    What an ASS! I hope they DO SUE: Only then, will change come to these absurd “cowboy mentality”, knee-JERK reactions of shooting first, and asking no questions later>
    Rest-in-peace, precious Kaiele… my heart breaks for you and your family,,,

  8. LESLIE says:

    I am lucky to share my home with three rescue pitties, and have lived with pitties for over 25 years.
    Im so sad for this family especially the child, its devastating to lose a dog, and the devastation grows exponentially when a family member is shot and their life cut short. It’s enough already. Trigger happy cops have proven themselves to be a danger to society. should they be shot??? That wouldn’t be nice, for their friends and family so how about leaving our families alone too.
    Don’t judge….learn and make and educated decision.
    Rest in peace little pittie im sorry your life was cut short due to a moron. …your family especially your little girl will only know your love is missed.
    Im so sorry ….

  9. maxiemom. says:

    Yet another overreaction due to BREED. If you own a pit bull, you cannot afford to let the dog out of your sight when you’re out with your dog no matter how good your dog is, even if your dog is a HUGE BABY! People look at pits and see Cujo thanks to the media and dogsbite cultists, and they have a lot to answer for (and will in the hereafter).

    However, they should definitely sue. There was no reason for this, and it’s time that these murdering POS started understanding that killing family pets is just WRONG.

  10. Darla says:

    It was definitely a knee-jerk reaction. They wouldn’t have shot a Chihuahua. My deepest sympathy to Ms. Ramos (I, too, have a big dog, a Yellow Lab, who wouldn’t defend himself if attached by a Chihuahua).

  11. Peggy Schuetz says:

    Seriously, what is the matter with these security people, how about shooting the Puppy, they were training too. Stop this madness, witnesses said he wasn’t even being aggressive. This is awful, so sorry for the loss of their family dog. Awful, awful. And should not have happened at all. Big bad human with a gun, has to use it on a dog sitting in the grass. Shame.

  12. Sandra Kobelski says:

    That is bullshit charge asshole for animal cruelty get this jerk fired but be arrested for animal cruelty they will take care of him in jail don’t give up you are the voice for your dog????????????????????

  13. Irene Mettlen says:

    I think the whole world Should pay more attention to the circumstances ! NOT go gun happy! If they ALLOWED the man to take a hold of the dog, then he would have called down! Too many shoot downs for no real reason. Including People!!

  14. Takacs Eniko says:

    I never been convicted , but if somebody doing this to my dogs will learn quikly how temporary insanity looks like.

  15. Amelia Borge says:

    This shootings need to stop! Why thay have to kill,? why instead of a gun , they don’t use spray?
    Tired of the excuse” I felt in danger” .
    Seek justice. This is out of contro!

  16. Jodi Armstrong says:

    My Mom was the owner of a business called Aloha Cats Catering in Kaneohe, Hawaii there on Oahu. She worked with the Airports Animal Quarantine Services people on a Dailey bases for the ten yrs she lived there. My Mom was a voice for dogs and cats she got the quaratine laws up dates so there are no more 120days for your pet to be quarantine. Yes, you should sue the cop, the state of Hawaii quarantine and any and every dept you can for the brutal shooting of your pet. My service dog is an old family red nose put bull who is 5yrs old this year. This is a total outrage! My Mom would be very upset. She has passed some ten+ years ago. There isn’t anything I can do except advise you example you and your pet were on camera. Everything there is filmed get an attorney to seise the footage as soon as possible. Good luck please keep me updated on this! Every Pet matters!


    Jodi Armstrong

  17. Sara-Patricia Ann Mason says:

    I believe the officer was very wrong and should be held accountable. I know it won’t bring the dog back to its family, but it could perhaps counteract this sad discrimination against the breed. No, he probably would not have shot if it had been Chihuahua. Maybe these security guards should be restricted to stun guns instead of lethal weapons.

  18. Dianne Kafes says:

    that was a trigger happy security officer , who should be fired and sued a long with the airport , he was not aggressive and a lot of witnesses can verify that , so nail so tired of trigger happy people in the law , who think they can do what the want and get away with it , it is time to say no more

  19. Carole says:

    Sue that POS to hell and back. He doesn’t have the sense God gave a goose. Fine him, fire him and punish him as much as possible. This has to stop! Take his gun away forever. He shouldn’t have a gun since he obviously doesn’t know how or when to use it. Don’t allow him to be near animals ever again. Of course we know how judges in Hawaii think and rule and it has nothing to do with the constitution or rule of law. I feel so bad for the family that lost a precious member of their family. I, too, have lost dogs, but not in such a horrible and unnecessary way. If they start a “care” page they will probably get a lot of help from dog lovers everywhere to help cover legal fees.
    RIP poor Kaiele. Run free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge. You will see your family again. I, too, would show them what temporary insanity looks like.

  20. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I think she should start legal actions, that Security guard had no reason to shoot the dog, and he should be charged with animal cruelty.

  21. Linda Ridenour says:

    He is a coward, and he panicked. I hope he loses his job and they take him to court. It’s pretty bad that you can’t take your Dog on vacation with you, because someone with a gun was out of control.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Officer needs to be fired and face charges!! Poor innocent animal!! They need to get an atty!! Sue everyone, officer, whoever hired him and the airport!! This was a “life”!!!! ????????????

  23. Diana Moore says:

    Trigger happy motherfucker. He should be punished. An innocent animal has been killed and I’m getting so fucking tired of people getting away with abusing/killing animals.

  24. Cindy says:

    My brother had to pick up the dogs body. He asked the family to leave. He told them he dosent want them to see what was under the dogs head. He didnt want them to be even more traumatize. The poor baby was murdered. Not only did the security guard kill the dog. He shot a gun around a woman with an infant.
    Honolulu airports security is known for being ass holes.

    • Maryanne Goldyn says:

      That was considerate of your brother to respect the dogs family from further traumatic memories! That poor dog! Honolulu Airport Security needs new security management. Clearly their security is not properly trained and consequently are dangerous to encounter in stressful situations. I wonder why the only weapon they have is a gun! No stun guns or pepper spray. Deadly force!

  25. Marie says:

    How did the dog get loose? It must have lunged forward, unless the rope magically broke free from the tree. Come on. You all seem to think the dog was just laying on the grass and the officer randomly walked over and shot the dog. And we are only hearing one side. I really hope none of you serve on a jury. You’d hang the guy without hearing both sides!
    It’s sad that the dog died but hey, IT GOT LOOSE. Owner’s fault right there. You are suppose to keep your dog in the crate until you leave the airport. IF it had to go p so bad then they should have walked it. AND how was he suppose to know how “sweet” the dog was? smh He didn’t know that dog.
    Owner’s NEED to keep their dogs under control. Especially in a public place!

  26. Diana says:

    This idiot should be put in prison for 10 Years and and made to pay a $10,000 fine put towards no kill shelters, no contact with animals and never be allowed to own one and should be put on a animal abuser registry we need. T
    his person has no self control and a danger to society.

  27. Cynthia Como says:

    %100 unjustified! I’m praying they have the witnesses to show how absurd and wrong this was! I would of went absolutely crazy and probably attacked this asshole!

  28. Red says:

    I can not understand if people are so desperately afraid of dogs….why in the HELL are they police officers???? Geez people, the two owners were RIGHT THERE!!! EVEN IF the dog was aggressive, the owners were within reach!! There are witnesses stating the cop was trigger happy….. NAIL HIS CHICKEN A**!!!!

  29. Carmen says:

    He should be arrested on felony animal cruelty charges and jailed. Lose his job and the right to ever be able to carry a gun again. She should sure the airport for pain and suffering as well.

  30. Denise Morris says:

    They have a tight to legal action against the ignorance of humans. Knew jerk or stupidity, his plea is the same. People see a black dog, especially if it looks Anything like a pit bull, they automatically think ” oh my, I’m going to be attacked. ” when 99% of time the dog wants to sniff out a treat you have hiding in a pocket.

  31. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Yes, I agree that this was a security guard who shot this dog for NO REASON at all, other than it was a pit bull. All witnesses confirm the dog did nothing – fire this idiot who had no right to be anywhere near a gun, he needs to pay for his stupidity and I do hope they sue the whole airport for hiring an incompetent,.

  32. Sherry says:

    Yes, police seem to think they are in the wild Wild West; gun toting , trigger happy. My god, this is ridiculous. Or maybe he was just a chicken shit and afraid of a pit bull doing nothing wrong, in which case, he way over reacted and is too much of a WUSSY to be doing his job. I hope and pray this family sues for justice. I’m tired of gun crazed cops that don’t know how to properly do their job.

  33. Marie says:

    Here are the facts -while all of you grabbed your torches and verbally hung the man before all the info was available:

    A summary of the facts of this event

    A Securitas Law Enforcement Officer responded to a call for assistance from a Security Officer for reporting that a Pit Bull was aggressively barking and lunging at tourists in the area. When he arrived, the officer observed that the Pit Bull was outside of its kennel, and its owners were in an unauthorized parking area.

    While properly instructing the owners of the Pit Bull to leave the unauthorized parking area, the Pit Bull escaped from the owners’ control and began pursuing the officer.
    Despite repeated requests from the officer to the owners to restrain the pursuing Pit Bull, the owners were unable to control the loose animal.
    The officer attempted to evade the Pit Bull’s pursuit by moving backwards and sideways.
    The officer attempted to seek protection by using the coconut trees in that area as a barrier.
    As the Pit Bull lunged toward him, the officer fired a single shot at close range, in self-defense to prevent being attacked.
    The officer suffered injuries while falling backwards into the tree attempting to evade the Pit Bull. Securitas confirms that the officer is currently on medical leave and further states that he will not be eligible to return to work at the airport until after this matter is resolved.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Well are these “all” the facts? There are always two sides to a story and this would be the officer’s story to cover his ass. I hope this officer has this all on surveillance tape otherwise this is a he said she said situation at best. There were witnesses that said the dog wasn’t bothering anyone. So who really knows the true story here. We all have seen many incidents where police officers have shot dogs first and asked questions later killing a dog that really wasn’t doing anything, so please forgive us if we have doubts about his story.

      • Marie says:

        They were in an area that prohibited dogs and they couldn’t even control it. Do you really think the dog broke a CHAIN because it wasn’t doing anything? It’s their own fault. Apparently laws mean squat to PB owners, and when something like this happens because of their own incompetence it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Ok I see it’s because the dog was a “Pitt Bull” that makes this the determining factor that the dog needed to be shot and killed. “Pitt Bull” owners don’t care about their dogs and think they can do anything they want. Had it been another breed then a taser or other method might have sufficed to contain the dog. I understand NOW what you are saying.

  34. Brenda Lee says:

    I think the gun shooter shood go to nwil if the dog was agressive and gonna attack him thats another story …people r assholes ..the shooter is WRONG SO INCRDIBLY WRONG ..POOR OWNER OF DOG ..POOR DOG SO VERY TERRIBLY SAD …

  35. sherry warner says:

    This officer needs to loose his job and any chance to ever carry another weapon again if the dog wasnt mean .

  36. sherry warner says:

    Another trigger happy uniform person he needs to lose his job and the chance of EVER carring any type of weapon including a toy this was outrageous and senseless on his part!!!????I HOPE HE GO’S TO JAIL FOR A LONG TIME ????As for the family that lost their companion very sorry and hope justice prevails.That poor pup of your didn’t deserve that FIGHT FOR HIM ????


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