Family pit bulls rescue children from copperhead snake

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In Brandon, Florida, two protective family pit bulls rescued a grandmother’s two young grandchildren for a deadly attack by a copperhead snake in the yard of their home on Monday. Melissa Butt had been in the yard relaxing while the children Zayden, 4, and Mallory, 1, played, when suddenly the woman’s two dogs ran over to the kids and jumped in front of a copperhead snake.

According to News8Wfla, the dogs barked causing the snake to strike. Slayer was bitten twice in the face and Paco sustained a bite to his elbow. Melissa rushed the dogs to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon for the ant-venom. It was essential to act quickly to save the dogs’ lives.

Melissa was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of saving her dogs’ lives, but as soon as word began to spread about the brave dogs and their imminent plight, animal rescue group Frankies Friends stepped in and were able to cover the cost of the treatment.

What could have been a tragedy for two little children and two dogs, has now turned into an inspiring story of loyalty and love. Paco is back at home nearly acting as his old self, while Slayer has been recovering at Blue Pearl. Whenever Melissa stopped in at the veterinary hospital to visit Slayer, his tail flapped non-stop. And then came the best news of the day:

“The swelling from the deadly snake bite has gone down and Slayer is going home today! Frankie’s Friends was able to help pay for the second dose of antivenin he needed to save his life, thanks to donors like YOU,” the group posted Wednesday afternoon on their Facebook page.

It’s the kind of story we at Pet Rescue Report love to tell.

(Photos of family pit bulls via Frankies Friends)

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8 replies
  1. El Tamarat says:

    Ref: “Melissa was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of saving her dogs’ lives….” Aren’t we all; why are vets so very expensive? Comparatively, vet care seems as expensive as human hospitalization, if not more. This is not on….

    • pennysdachshund says:

      IT is plain to the NAKED EYE:::: SIMPLE GREED!!!! I lived in the Western Part of the USA … Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, are seen at reasonable costs at a Vet Clinic… A HORSE <DOG<CAT are outrageous in medical fees!!! Why because these BLOOD SUCKERS know that you are attached to your companion and they take full advantage of that…. This has gotten out of Control over the past decade!!!

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        You are so right Penny’s dachshund. Here in Vegas the vets have now taken advantage of a difficult situation. When a person knows their pet’s life is near the end and want to stay with their pets, the vets now charge a $50 fee. Most people think is just because they want to stay in the room. How the vets are explaining/justifying this $50 fee is saying it’s for the catheter they place in the arm of the pet. That procedure takes less than less than a minute, at the most less than 2 minutes. But the vets are taking advantage of that just like funeral homes do during a death. They’re charging an additional $50 for the placement of a catheter so the pet can be with you. Well I don’t know about you but I’ve been with pets before they even used a catheter; vets would put the needle directly in the vein in the pets arm with you right there. That never bothered me because I want to be with my pet at the end. And my previous vet never charged me to put a catheter when I lost my sweet little Ebbie last January. But vets now “charge” $50 and many people can’t afford it. The cost of euthanasia here in Las Vegas is close to $200 for a simple thing that takes a few minutes. And is any vet bothered when a distraught owner can’t afford to be with their four-legged baby????? Greed. It’s all about the almighty dollar. And now because mist vets are doing that, a lot of people are not able to afford being with the pets when the fees are so obscene. It’s all about greed; if one does it, they all do it. It sucks.

  2. susispot says:

    This is truly a love story. I am so happy everybody lived and the pets should all be home with the family by now. It is a miracle the dog bitten twice by a COPPERHEAD survived. His person didn’t hesitate to get him medical intervention. No thought to the cost at the time, not knowing help would come on the gallop. Kudos to the community of this family. You all rock!


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