Family outraged after neighbor shoots dog for wandering into yard

A family in Bakersfield, California is outraged after their neighbor is alleged to have shot the family’s dog with a pellet gun and no animal cruelty charges have been pressed for the disturbing action. According to News23, the two-year-old poodle, belonging to Sarah Fraze, had been shot in the lower back on Tuesday afternoon, near the family’s home on Cherry Tree Lane.

Fraze’s daughter had been playing at the neighbors house with their dog, Jaxson, and stated the dog had briefly taken off down the street and wandered into the neighbor’s yard. As soon as the child realized her dog was missing, she went out into the neighborhood to search for him – that’s when she found Jaxson bleeding. The family rushed their dog to an emergency veterinarian where the pellet was removed – one lucky pooch as the bullet barely missed his pelvis and his spinal cord.

Police arrived and removed the pellet gun from the neighbor who did admit he shot Jaxson. Although stating he is an animal lover, he told news media he is tired of neighborhood pets coming onto his property. He said he only wanted to scare Jaxson and had no intentions of hurting the dog. Meanwhile Fraze is irate and is pressing local authorities for justice:

“Unfortunately since I don’t have an eyewitness. I couldn’t get justice that night so I’m reaching out to everybody to get the word out, to press this DA. This can’t be tolerated. This is injustice, this is animal cruelty. We need to have a law enforced, and we need to do it fast,” said Fraze.

While it is always encouraged for pet owners to make sure their canine friends are leashed when not supervised, shooting at a companion animal is an egregious form of taking the law into one’s own hands. Call Animal Control or the police if a strange dog is on your property – the dog or cat may have accidentally wandered away from their home.

Jaxson is expected to recover, but how much did it cost the family both financially and emotionally? What are your thoughts?

(Photo of outraged family in dog shooting screenshot via AbcNews23)

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