Family dogs almost died after neighbor used rat poison to kill squirrels

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In Bloomfield, Colorado, a family’s dogs almost died after ingesting rat poison spread around by someone in the neighborhood  to kill squirrels. According to the Denver Channel, dog owners, Michael Hendricks and Joan Yates knew something was wrong with their Corgi-mix, Molly when she vomited.

The couple rushed their two dogs to the veterinarian where it was confirmed the dogs had ingested rat poisoning in the form of colorful green pellets. And therein lies the problem explained the family’s veterinarian, Liz Filbert:

“They make it nice and tasty, so the mice and rats will eat it, and unfortunately, those same tastes are exactly what our dogs want to eat. It’s surprising how even just a small amount can really cause severe damage.”

Fortunately, the dogs are expected to survive since the poisoning was found early on, however the dogs will have to take Vitamin K orally.

The neighborhood has been on alert for months worried someone has been trying to kill the squirrels. The squirrels carry the colorful little pellets to other areas, and it is concerning that young children could mistake the rat poison for candy lying on the ground.

Stay alert … our children and our dogs count on us to keep them safe.

(Photo via screenshot Channel 7News)

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Real neighborly, spread poison around without any concern for family pets or children! I want to get rid of mice too, but using a trap, gets them without harming the area pets! Use your head moron who did this, or was it your intent to poison the pets in the neighborhood too?

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sweet Jesus – these piss poor examples of neighbors need to be held responsible for their stupidity and cruelty – why would anyone want to kill squirrels? What the hell did they ever do to you? The real vermin are human. So glad the dog’s owners were alert and responsible and they will be OK.


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