Family dog snatched by woman’s Tinder date

Dog stolen during Tinder date
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Update 8/24/17: Maggie has been found!

A family dog was snatched by a man who went on a Tinder date with an 18-year-old pet and house-sitter. According to multiple sources, the incident took place on Sunday at a house in Leonia, New Jersey.

The man who was secured by the online dating application showed up to the residence with another man. The duo apparently were in cahoots…one distracted the teen while the other went to work to snag items out of the home, including the family’s young Maltese, “Maggie.”

The two-year-old dog was whisked away without the young woman’s knowledge – after the men left, she realized that a laptop, Amazon package and the dog were all gone.

The police have not yet made any arrests in this case – anyone with information is asked to call the Leonia Police Department at 1-201-944-0800.

Hard lesson for this young girl to learn…you never know who you will meet on Tinder. You might go on a date with people who aren’t what they claim to be, or worse, a full blown criminal. Please share to help get Maggie back to her worried family.

(My Fox 8 screenshot)

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  1. What scummy people to do something to this girl and not only steal from her home, but her dog too.Hope the dog is micro chipped and returned unharmed. Don’t even want to think what happened but they can trace this scum by his information with Tinder and hopefully police are doing that and the dog is back with her owner.

  2. I can’t believe she would do a thing like this. That girl need to be charged also. I hope they find that poor baby and she is ok!!!

  3. I just read an account the dog has been found and returned to the owners. Shame on this girl who was supposed to be house sitting, to invite strangers into someone else’s home! I would be holding her responsible for some of this.

    • BARKLEYS MOM,where did u read this? I so hope this is true! When I got done reading this my first thought was that this adorable dog will probably never be found! I’m praying this pup is now safe and back with its family! Some people are so awful and despicable! I hope this girl has learned a valuable lessen!

  4. A lesson to be learn for this young 18 year old! I hope she was not in this as well. Hope they find the dog in good health.

  5. I bet one thing you can count on in a tinderdate. What ever the hell that is.
    Is it would be a complete and total stranger.
    And when has it ever been wise to let one of those in your home.

    • Ikr Lol…what is a tinder date? I’m 62 yrs old I need to catch up, however, someone needs to shake some common sense into that sitter. Because of her very irresponsible act she caused sadness and distress to the family.

      • Ha!
        some house sitter # 1 missed stranger danger classes in kindergarten.
        born in the 60s, made in the USA. I have no idea what anybody is talking about.
        its just awesome.

  6. I realize she was 18 years old but to allow someone she never met and did not know into a home where she was pet and housesitting was beyond irresponsible. That dog is most likely gone forever and it is ALL her fault.


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