Family dog injured after stepping into trap near popular hiking trail

Dog injured after stepping into trap on hiking trail
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A Las Vegas family’s dog was injured on Sunday while hiking at Little Red Rock. According to witness Brandon Kennedy, the dog began screaming in pain after stepping into a metal trap which was placed near the popular hiking trail.

KTNV News reported that the dog’s owners were able to free their companion, but not before the metal trap caused injuries. Kennedy and a friend had rushed to the dog after hearing his screams, and when they arrived, they found him covered in blood.

Kennedy told the news agency the the dog was, “Dripping blood out of its mouth cause as he was caught in the trap, he started biting the trap of course to try and get it off him and of course it being heavy metal, he apparently broke a bunch of his teeth.”

The dog’s owners rushed their pet to a veterinary clinic for a treatment; the extent of his injuries are not known. Kennedy wants other dog owners and hikers to be aware of the potential danger – the trap appeared to have been placed illegally and he fears that there could be more.

(Image via screenshot KTNV News)

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  1. The police need to check all the hiking trails in that area now! Thank goodness this dog was not seriously hurt, next time it could be a child.

  2. Go after the ones who set these traps. Someone knows who it is and they much be arrested and also have to pay for this dogs care. Poor baby.

  3. Another contraption that should be permanently banned – NO animal should be subjected to theses hunks of crap. Anyone that wants to use one should have to have THEIR foot, arm or leg entrapped in one first.

  4. All traps like this or even remotely similar to this need to be banned and they are not!!! They kill an animal in a slow,torturous way as have no place anywhere for any reason! Praying for this poor innocent dog and his family!!!!

  5. Ok – this is my town and the maggot fuck who did this ought to be hung by his balls. It’s a hiking trail so I suspect the sick bastard did it on purpose.


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