Dog nearly died after eating gum

Family dog got into gum and nearly died

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A family in Virginia was shocked when they came home last week and found their dog unconscious. According to WTVR News, “Sookie,” a Labrador retriever, did what so many labs do and got into food – unfortunately, this time her “treat” of choice was sugar-free gum.

The xylitol in the sugarless gum nearly poisoned Sookie to death – Sookie’s owner, Katherine Dalton, described the frightening condition of her dog:

She was completely non-responsive, drooling, eyes rolled back in her head… It looked really bad, it looked like she was not going to make it.

Thanks to prompt veterinary treatment, Sookie was saved. Now the Dalton family wants other people to be aware of the danger of xylitol, the substance in sugar-free gum which is toxic to dogs. Dogs who consume xylitol can suffer seriously low blood-sugar (hypoglycemia) within a short period of time.

Dogs who have consumed products with xylitol may suffer seizures, liver failure and possibly, death. Take it from Sookie and her family – keep your sugar-free products under lock and key, especially around curious (and hungry) dogs.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thanks to Katherine Dalton for the heads up – You have most likely saved some dogs from certain death – So glad Sookie is recovering – xylitol is extremely dangerous and there should be a warning on the label.

  2. Susan says:

    The same thing happened to my mother’s next door neighbor. It was a morkie puppy and she almost died too. They rushed her to an emergency vet hospital, it cost them over $4,000 to save her life. So everybody be very careful with gum it your house!


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