Dog ran into downed power line that was still live

Family dog died after running into downed live power line

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A family in Saline Township, Michigan, lost their dog after she ran into a downed power line that was still live. According to Tuesday’s WXYZ News, Jasmine, a German shorthair pointer, was outside with her owner when she saw a squirrel and bolted away.

Jasmine ran into a power line that had been down for days – the dog’s owner, Nick James, told WXYX News that he called the power company to report the downed line, but they have been too busy to cut power and make repairs. Tragedy struck before the danger could be removed. James told the news agency, “I had to hear it cry. I had to hear it underneath the power line. I was just praying it would make it out and back to the house. It did, but died.”

Power to the James family home continues to go on and off while they wait for the issue to be fixed.

(Screenshot via WXYZ News)

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15 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    This didn’t have to happen! Why the power company didn’t respond and repair this is anyone’s guess! Now this family lost their beloved pet over stupidity on the part of the power company!

  2. andrew says:

    If the owner called about the downed power line why did he not have Jasmine leashed? Why does he reference Jasmine as “it”? RIP Jasmine.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      If this guy KNEW the line was down and let his dog run free it is his own stupidity that caused the dog’s death. Some people keep their brains where the sun don’t shine. Jasmine deserved much better and she was NOT an ‘it’.

  3. Darla says:

    How can you call your dog an “it” – not once but FOUR times??? I’m very sorry for Jasmine’s death but she wasn’t an “it” – RIP sweet girl.

  4. carolyn birkbeck says:

    I am crying and sorry for your loss. The power company is garbage If that was a kid They could be sued. I wish you could.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I have been trying to understand why people are without power for so long. I live near Rochester New York and people are still waiting for their power since last Wednesday. My condolences to this family for the loss of their dog, Why they allow live wires to lay there after all this time I will never understand!

  6. Red says:

    1. Don’t let your dogs run free. Keep them on a leash or in a yard
    2. How much do you really care? I can not even IMAGINE referring to my furbaby as “IT”… you had to hear IT cry, you had to hear IT under the power line you hoped IT would make it back??? IT?
    This poor animal died due to your inability to contain him or her in a yard or on a leash.

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    SAD to say but I really don’t see that “IT ” really was much of a loss to this person!!! Come on if you know there is a hot wire on the ground YOU sure IN THE HELL don’t let your pet go out there unattended or restrained especial as she apparently liked to chase rodents !!! Good GOD! already!!! The power company “Called” I can’t imagine why it took that long … There could have been a child out there touching it and elder :: People don’t expect a live wire on the ground in a residents yard!!

  8. texag572015 says:

    Unbelievable! It is hard to believe live wires would not have been the first thing the Utility company would take care of, before any other action. Some supervisors should be canned immediately. Lawsuits are the next thing that should take place. What irresponsibility!


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