Family devastated after their dog was killed by neighbor with samurai sword

Police are investigating a disturbing animal cruelty situation in Gillingham, United Kingdom which left a family’s beloved pet dog hacked to death by a neighbor wielding a samurai sword. An English bulldog had wandered from the backyard where he lived to a nearby house where he was attacked.

According to the Sun, the property where the dog was hacked, looked “like a bloodbath” after the neighbor attacked the dog named Dave with the sword severing the dog’s spine, chopping off his back leg and tearing open his stomach. Veterinarians had to humanely euthanize Dave. Vicki Oram, the dog’s owner,  tearfully described what happened:

“My daughter Jade had just come home from work, and she was in the garden with the two dogs playing with them. She came inside but left the dogs out in the garden. The next thing she heard was screaming and our dog’s name being shouted.”

Shocked by the circumstances, Vicki continued:

“She couldn’t see Dave in our garden, and she went running around but they wouldn’t let her in. Dave had got under our fence; their door must have been open and he ran inside their house. Jade said when she got in there she called him and he recognized she was there, but he was lying in a pool of blood.”

The family rushed the dog to the vet, but the injuries he suffered were too severe to even hope for his recovery.

Four years prior, Dave had attacked a dog belonging to the neighbor, but since then the families had agreed not to let their dogs out at the same time. Vicki described her dog that she adopted in 2012 as a sweet dog who loved people. The police arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He is currently free on bond.

“This is a shocking incident and we are very distressed to hear about the death of this dog,” stated RSPCA spokesperson Katya Mira. “At this stage the police are investigating into what happened, but we have given them animal welfare advice and are offering any support they may need from us.”

Rest in peace Dave. Vicki also has another dog named Lily. The family fosters dogs for the Absolute Bull Terrier Trust.

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