Exotic pet trade shows monkey shaved to look human

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In a disturbing video garnering thousands of views on social media, emerged footage again of a small monkey shaved by its captor, making the exotic pet appear human. Dressed in pajamas and slippers and apparently used to the treatment, the video has sparked outrage as it highlights the cruelty of the exotic pet trade.

According to the Daily Mail, the video is thought to have originated in Indonesia, and besides the monkey already having undergone a “crew cut” to make him look more human, his face is being shaved. He can be seen holding his head back as if he is used to the action. Reactions to the video included many readers dispelling the rumors that these animals make good pets.

“…they are expensive and dangerous. A lot of people modify them by having the teeth removed and I have seen where they get the tips of the fingers altered so the nails don’t grow. It’s cruel. Very, very cruel!”

Monkeys live a long time, require a huge amount of  daily care, need a lot of space, and contrary to what has been depicted in movies – are not cuddly. A pet primate that has to stay in a cage and has little to no daily activity gets lonely. It is not unusual for them to become extremely mean and vicious.

Tragically the exotic pet trade often leads to the death of the animals. Trappers take the babies away from their parents and smuggle them into the country in the worst conditions. Many die in transit. Just one month ago, a man tried to smuggle Asian leopard kittens in his backpack and pygmy monkeys in his underwear. Purchasing these exotic pets only encourages the abuse.

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(Photos of exotic pet trade via Facebook and YouTube freezeshots)

Check out the video – this just shouldn’t be allowed:


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  1. Adrienne says:

    Upsetting to see this abuse of a monkey who is used as a plaything and put on display. Foreign countries are disgusting and do not care about what happens to these animals. If they cause a problem, just kill them. If the animals turns on the human, immediate death and they will get another to train. Very hard each day to see the abuse and torture of all animals, whether in foreign countries or right here in the United States.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another country that considers wild animals entertainment, toys and a money maker. This poor animal will be exploited over and over – to treat any animal like a non-being is deplorable. And they call animals ‘dumb beasts’ – hell, humans are the dumbest beasts of all.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    do you know what happend to micheal jacksons pet baby chimp he was legally allowed to buy and often was seen carrying around in the 1970s? with in a short time the chimp out grew him.
    and then reality set in.
    dangerious and unmanagable are an understatment. the chimp out lived him and is still alive.

  4. Red says:

    Get this poor baby away from the monster who has him!!! No animal should be treated like a human and made to act/look human. HAVE A KID IF YOU WANT something little in pj’s!!!


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