Escaped bomb detection trainee puppy shot dead at airport

Bomb detection puppy shot dead at airport
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A heartbreaking situation has taken place at New Zealand’s Auckland Airport. According to Friday’s CNN, a puppy in the final stages of training to become a bomb detection dog escaped from his handler and was subsequently shot and killed.

The Auckland Airport utilized its Twitter account to keep followers apprised of the situation – it was on the Twitter account that the news of the puppy’s death was released:

Unfortunately an Aviation Security dog was shot this morn staff had tried for 3 hours to catch it our thoughts are with handler

The pup, named “Grizz,” was six months away from graduating – officials stated that they attempted to capture him by using treats and toys, but their efforts failed. Animal lovers have expressed anger and dismay that nobody used a tranquilizer gun to subdue the pup, rather than a gun.

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(image screenshot via CNN)

Dog owner wants to warn others after her pet died after eating something on a walk – read more about this sad situation here.

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  1. why did they not notify a vet and get it tranquilized instead of shooting the poor loving dog FPS. This is sickening and so flaming wrong

  2. This is ridiculous that this puppy ends up shot dead! There were any number of other ways this puppy could have been caught killing it was not one of them!

  3. This is just another example of a dog being viewed as DISPOSABLE and no value being placed on his innocent life! I’m am %100 outraged by this story! This was their solution? REALLY????? Totally unacceptable,they most definatly could of taken a different approach. THIS WAS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! What a bunch of idiots!!

    • You are absolutely right – no one cared enough to take the time to recapture the puppy, NO ONE took the initiative to tranquilize the dog, they just murdered him – WHAT A BUNCH OF FRIGGIN’ IDIOTS. Hope you all get blown up.

      • Je souhaite qu’ils leurs arrivent la même chose, ils ne méritent pas de vivre, ce sont des dégénèrés, des assassins.

  4. You HAVE to be kidding! They couldn’t get a dog that was being trained to be a bomb detection dog? What kind of training were they giving this dog. Basic training for a “house pet” is to come when called! To resort to killing this dog because he wouldn’t come to them is absurd. I too ask why couldn’t they get a tranquilizer gun?

  5. Seriously…shot!!!! What is the IQ of these people! How stupid, sick and a sad loss. They should be prosecuted for cruelty, that is the single most absurd act by people who should know better. Sorry Grizz, supposed trained individuals failed miserably. I hope there is a huge protest, it won’t bring back the puppy but that act was absolutely senseless.

  6. Why kill the puppy? This is insane! The handler should have been able to call the puppy back, providing the puppy has been properly trained One of the basic obedience dog training is RECALL! I think there’s more to this story than we know.

  7. Killed a frightened puppy in a strange noisey place! A you f—- kidding me ! A tranquilizer, havaheart trap? Though yes you would think he would have trained on recall!! I’m appalled AGAIN!

  8. This is straight up BULL SHIT. They just didn’t want to “waste” there time trying to safety catch the pup.
    So very sorry. RIP

  9. Who the F*CK made this inane decision – to KILL this precious soul, rather than collect him safely??? What POSSIBLE “threat” could he have posed, that would merit his execution?

    Guess one can NEVER transport a companion by air in Australia: Seems if one gets loose, the only path authorities choose is one of destruction, not retrieval!

    Rest-in-peace, little one: You SO did not deserve this end…

  10. What arm could he do at the airport? A simple net could have been used. Naw too much work for people to go get what could have saved him. Easier to kill the poor puppy ????

  11. What a bunch of cold blooded idiots. A dog trained to sniff out bombs is shot and killed because your lazy ass couldn’t keep up with him,and lost your patience. I would love to pull the trigger on you.

  12. This was the most shocking unnecessary death ever so Fucken stupid instead of making sure the handler was there with a tranquilizer
    Again Fucken douche bag humans who clearly don’t give a sweet Fuck


    I just want to clarify – before I worked at a police department, I thought K9 units were great. Then I thought it might be only my own department that was brutalizing the dogs. I found out, to my dismay, that the brutalization is standard. Did you know that police K9’s are routinely hanged to unconsciousness? But that’s not all. When I was doing my research, I came across a testimonial from a blind woman who was very distressed about the cruel mistreatment of her guide dog, by “trainers” at the guide dog “training” center. And I discovered yet more…. Although I knew that our lead K9 “trainer”(at the PD where I worked) also “trained” (and hanged) search and rescue dogs, I was still saying to myself, “THIS has to be an anomaly. Not THAT many people can be abusive and keep it a secret.” But when I left the police department and worked at a hotel, wouldn’t you know it, search and rescue teams with dogs were coming from all over the country for events (three times during the years that I worked there) and I was at first struck by the fact that NONE of these people acknowledged their dogs’ presence except to give orders. There were no kind words, there was no petting. It was, again, like the dogs were pieces of equipment. They were kept in crates when they were not being taken out to be trained, or to do their business. Very unlike how it is presented to us via the media. But what blew me off the cliff was when a group of about 15 of these handlers were sitting around in the lobby late one night, talking. One of them was regaling the others with the exploits of one of their peers, who conducted an experiment with his dog – beating the dog only when he wore a blue shirt. (I know that dogs are alleged to be color blind, or limited in color perception, but I’m just reporting what I heard). The end of this story was that the dog attacked and bit one of the supervisors, who happened to be wearing a blue shirt. There was hearty laughter all around the group.

    When dogs are used as “tools,” I found our that severe abuse and torture of them behind the scenes, IS RAMPANT. But the serpent (the media and the perpetrators, and other protectors of evil) keep feeding us how wonderful it all is.

    • Thank you for opening my eyes. Hopefully, things will change with training of service dogs and K9’s. I remember a K9 in my home town was trained using a choke chain which is no longer allowed. It was once believed the choke chain was important training a dog. Not! There are some compassionate trainers, however, from reading your story more aggressive abusers still abound.

      • Thank you. And I do hope you will read the chapter “Denials and Justifications” at the following site: because, based on my research, it is still the major form of “training” in the police/sheriffs/military, plus the cover-ups of all exploitation fall along the same methods, which are deny, deny, deny, and if caught red-handed, trot out the ‘justifications.’

  14. No need for the puppy to have been killed. There are other ways for this to have been handled, but they just didn’t want to take the time to do so. Maybe it’s time for humans to stop using dog as ‘equipment’ since they have no respect for them, because honestly, dogs are much more deserving of respect than most people.

    • Thank you for saying that Maxiemom!! Humans use dogs for the betterment of the human race but refuse to enact and enforce good,strong laws to protect them from abuse,neglect,torture and killing! They are used to assist law enforcement,they go to war to assist our soldiers,they help people afflicted with PTSD and children with Autism,they sniff out illegal drugs and alert people of on coming seizures and diabetic emergencies,they assist the physically handicapped and lead the blind,they go to hospitals and nursing homes to comfort the lonely,sick and dying,they do search and rescue and assist with locating human remains,well I could go on and on! And how are they repaid by society? THEY ARE NOT!!! Our government REFUSES to legally protect them from unnecessary harm! They are used and abused and until we have laws that significantly punish those whose harm them the problem of animal cruelty will flourish! Animal abusers need to be taken out of society just like the robbers,rapist and all the other criminals out there! The human species is so arrogant,thinking that the only life that matters is the human and the hell with any other living creature! One day there won’t be any animals of any kind,anywhere!!!! It SICKENING!!!!


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