Emergency foster or adopter needed for special needs dog

Emergency foster needed for dog
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A plea went out from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and the rescue group Get a Bull for an emergency foster or adopter for a dog named Spartacus. The seven-year-old pure-bred Cane Corso suffers from epilepsy. He requires daily medication and lots of TLC.

Spartacus was in a very loving, caring home environment with a woman named Sharon, who has saved many special needs dogs from the shelter. That all ended when Sharon had to be hospitalized due to a serious illness. Although family and friends worked around the clock to care for Spartacus in Sharon’s absence, the situation became too difficult to manage. The plea for a medical foster went out, but no one responded so Spartacus had to be returned to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Spartacus was Sharon’s life. Now he is back at the shelter and is confused and disoriented wondering why he is no longer at home.  He is visibly sad and upset and spends his time pacing in his kennel. He is declining rapidly in the shelter. Spartacus is described as a 100-pound dog who loves people, but does not do well with other animals. He needs to be the only pet in the house. He also needs to be in a home with adults only and a fenced in yard.  He also needs to stay on his epilepsy medication.

If you can help Spartacus, please contact the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter located at 3320 Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh, New York.  Their phone number is 516-785-5220 and Jackie is the contact person in charge of fosters.

(Photo of dog needing emergency foster via Facebook)

Link to emergency request on Facebook here.

If you can foster or adopt please contact: [email protected]




















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  1. Please foster this dog if you can. He will reward you ten times over. This is not the dog’s fault, and humans have to step up and help Spartacus. There must be someone who wants to become a foster who has no pets.One dog should be manageable. If possible, talk to the Sharon to see if there is something specifically that you as a foster can do to make the transition smoothly.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Spartus does not get along with other dogs. I would love to foster Spartus, but I have a male cane corso and a female Lab. In fact I can pick him today, since he is located in Long Island, New York. I suggest the shelter contact Cane Corso Rescue. Will Sharon be able to care for Spartus when she gets out of the hospital? Please update.

  3. this isnt working we have to get his face out of pet rescue report ond maybe off of the internet, maybe a better chance appearing on a local news station. i dont think his owner is coming back for him or the fammily wouldnt have brought him and givin him up to ,
    a kill shelter in hempstead L.I.


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