Neglected and abused with a forgiving spirit

Emaciated and hip bone partially exposed – dog shows her forgiving spirit

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Despite a body which screams of neglect and abuse, from a partially exposed hip bone to evidence of starvation, a dog being held at the West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, California, has maintained a forgiving spirit.

The seven-year-old dog, named “Chelseaviole,” appears to have suffered greatly in her life and now, she needs someone who will show her that she is truly a good girl, and treat her with the kindness that she deserves.

The volunteer-run Facebook page which functions to help homeless pets at this facility find homes wrote:

One look into Chelseaviole’s eyes instantly breaks your heart. How this sweet, gentle soul have suffered… She shouldn’t have suffered the way she did, she didn’t deserve that.
The severe neglect and cruelty she experienced is evident in her body. She came in the shelter emaciated, with part of her hip bone exposed. She was left in the backyard, completely neglected. And despite what she’s been through, her heart remains pure and full of love. Her tail never stops wagging when she sees people. She loves to have visitors, she’s always happy, ever so thankful.

Chelseaviole needs to leave the shelter environment and recuperate in a loving home – with someone who will ensure that she never suffers again.

Notes indicate:

Chelseaviole is still underweight, has hip dysplasia, arthritis and wound on her right hip. Because of her medical condition and needs, she is available for rescue. She may be adopted but it requires approval from the shelter.

Chelseaviole ID# A1232331

West Valley Shelter, 818-756-9325

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6 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Animals are so much more willing to put their Trust, Heart, and Soul into a Human Being that so very often let them down, neglect, abandon, torture, starve, beat , and DUMP them. YET they will forgive in a moment…without hesitation… We humans should feel blessed to have them to love and cherish.. Yet we fail them again and again!!!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    Chelseaviole story has brought me to tears! How I wish I the ability to swoop in and rescue her,I would never,ever be able to leave her kind,sweet,loving side! I would never,ever be able to stop stroking her,kissing her and cuddling her! She is a beautiful,beautiful,precious gift from God and should be treated as such! She should be loved,respected,and adored! Who gets the privilege of being her savior will be blessed beyond belief with loyalty and sweet doggie kisses! Watching her loving sweetness is touching and shows there is no better creature in existance than dogs! May God bless her with a loving,safe,furever home! She is a valuable treasure!


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