Emaciated dog nearly died at neglectful home

Emaciated dog nearly died in the cold at neglectful home

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An emaciated dog nearly died while in the “care” of a neglectful owner. On Monday, the KC Pet Project introduced its Facebook followers to “King,” who was rescued from his home:

King was rushed to our shelter Friday afternoon after Kansas City, MO Animal Control rescued him from the backyard of a very cruel and neglectful home. Bitterly cold temperatures, strangulation, and starvation had nearly taken his life.

According to the animal welfare organization, King was unconscious when he was found – he was barely breathing after he was caught up in something on a fence and nearly strangled to death. The group wrote, “His cold body began having seizures and his organs had begun to fail.”

King was provided with I.V. fluids and warming therapy – he eventually regained consciousness and his thumping tail alerted those caring for him that he was fighting to live. The group advised:

He’s been receiving ‘round-the-clock emergency care from our shelter’s veterinary team this weekend and our partners at BluePearl Veterinary Partners have been providing his overnight care. He’s now able to stand and walk a little, giving kisses to our staff and eating a little on his own.

King is not yet out of the woods, but now that he is out of harm’s way – he stands a chance. Donations for King’s care can be made at this link.

(Photo via KC Pet Project FB page)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    AS FOR the Complete Vile Vermin that had this dog!!! Are the going be awarded the ” Pet Person/People ” by the Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City , MO. Good God the person/people THAT ALLOWED and WATCHED KING suffer and deteriorate to THIS HORRIFIC condition NEED to be charged and held accountable for this Bull Shit… Go over there they probably have another UNFORTUNATE DOG BEING ABUSED NOW!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping KIng in our prayers, I hope the people that let him get in this shape are charged with cruelty, they need to pay for what they have done.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Je n’ai pas les moyens financiers pour aider, mais je lui offre tout mon coeur et tout mon amour pour qu’il vive pleinement une vie de famille.

  4. T- says:

    Please say there is a case against the owners!! Monsters can not keep getting away with torturing animals, this is just out of control. START GOING AFTER BAD OWNERS!!!

  5. Star Shelley says:

    Keeping King in my prayers, why do these people own dogs if they do not take care of them. What a shame! Asking get our dear to please help King recover and find him a good loving home. These people should get prosecutedone for animals cruelty.

  6. Edith Kodak says:

    Vermin like this monster that almost caused the close death of king – need to have something repossed legally to help the medical bills.. dosent matter what as long as it can be sold or pawned for some cash towards the veterinary bill


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