Eight-month-old puppy starved and shot fights for her life

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On Wednesday afternoon, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received a plea from a rural South Carolina shelter asking for help with an emaciated, stray eight-month-old puppy. Described by the shelter as in “generally poor condition” and unable to put any weight on her hind leg, the nature of the puppy’s injuries were unclear. Assuming the dog had a broken leg, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization, anticipated their veterinarian partner would be able to cast the pup’s legs and provide the immediate nutritional care needed to help the pooch, dubbed Mindy regain her health and move on to a new life.

And “when the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”…

“Of course we said yes and when Mindy got to our SC vet, the horrifying discovery was made that she’d actually been SHOT,” posted Jackie on the rescue’s Facebook page. “You can see the bullet fragments that shattered her femur. And you can see tissue hanging out of the open wound. There are no words to describe the rage this makes us feel. This sweet, innocent 25 pound puppy starved and shot! It’s truly sickening and makes us wonder what has happened to the human race.”

Despite Mindy’s pain, she wagged her tail and freely gave kisses to volunteers, staff and veterinarians alike.  The original medical plan for Mindy was to repair her fractured leg by an orthopedic surgeon, but first she needed surgery to repair the open wound where she had been shot. Unfortunately, her leg swelled to twice its natural size and when examined, veterinarians determined it had become infected, and if she was to live, her leg would have to be  immediately amputated during emergency surgery.

At approximately 6:00 p.m., Mindy underwent surgery, even though she was not regarded as a good candidate, because of her emaciated condition and with blood work results showing she was likely septic. There was no time to waste; the puppy’s life had been slipping away. A few hours later, Mindy is reported to be resting quietly while she receives a transfusion. Her prognosis is extremely guarded but encouraging at this time; her body temperature remains low and her blood count is slowly rising. 

Hang on Mindy; fight for your life. There are many people who hope and pray you survive. You have a happy new life awaiting you.

Donations desperately needed now. Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate.

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    This is Heartbreaking …. Dogs Rock NYC should be put up for the CNN Hero of the Year Awards!!! Anderson Cooper needs to be made aware of this More than Wonderful Organization

  2. Cynthia Thomas says:

    POOR BABY ! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO MY PUPPY ! He is 8 months too. His name is Pisces,Pi for short.He came from the shelter ,where he had been turned in because the family was moving. They got him off of Craigslist. When I got him -he was 4 months old. I hope everything goes well and she gets a loving home.

    • barb says:

      Dog Rocks NYC is a god send for these dogs. We owe it to them since it is humans who do this to them. I will never understand how anybody can treat an animal like that. Their inhumanity appalls me. Makes me ashamed of the human race

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    This little dog is lucky Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was there to rescue him and give the medical attention she so desperately needed. Mindy is a fighter and a survivor and I truly hope she recovers and finds the safe loving home she obviously never had.


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