Eight critically ill puppies abandoned at busy car shop

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In the Dallas area of Texas, a heartless owner placed eight critically ill puppies in a cardboard box, drove them to a busy automotive repair shop, placed them in a corner and drove away. There they were – on Valentine’s Day, left crying and whimpering, cold, hungry and thirsty and in terrible pain.puppies left in box 2

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, immediately arranged for volunteers to transfer the puppies to their Dallas veterinary partner where the eight-week-old puppies are now under professional care. Their prognosis is still unclear.

“They have never had one day of peace, not one day of love, not one day of kindness, never to be touched gently, no food or water; abused and neglected for 8 weeks since the day they were born …,” Stacey explained to animal advocates on the organization’s Facebook page shortly after the details for transferring the dogs for emergency care had been finalized. “They are in very critical medical condition at this time.”Puppies left in box 3 cover

When discovered, the puppies were covered in fleas, and their skin was raw from scratching; their eyes half closed from raging ocular infections. And while the puppies clung to each other for any degree of comfort and warmth, their frightening cries and whimpers of pain have been enough to make even the most stoic shed tears.

To help these puppies, donations can be made to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC by clicking here or via  PayPal at [email protected].puppies left in box 4

Foster families are desperately needed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Interested in helping? Please click here.

Photos and video of the critically ill puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.

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  1. What is this the new “heartless” society’s way of getting rid of unwanted pets? Dump them somewhere and let someone else deal with it. It is becoming the normal it would seem. They are found dumped in dumpsters, along the side of the road, in mail boxes, anywhere just to be rid of them! Thank goodness there are organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to help these poor abused pups. The worse part of this is that these are the ones that are found, how many abused, abandoned dogs die scared and alone and are never found. Our society is becoming inhumane and blind to the feelings of others be they animals or humans. I give what I can to these organizations and wish I could do more. Bless them all and prayers for these precious pups.

  2. I’m filled with profound sadness first for the puppies but also for the mother! What has become of her! The fact these puppies are in such critical condition leads me to believe this is either a hoarding or puppy mill situation! Leaving them at an auto repair shop? It could have been worse who ever this thing is it could have killed the puppies out right!

  3. Just Horrid Cruelty ! I hope the people who did this are punished severely and get all the other pups/animals away from them. I really hope that they burn in hell. I pray all these little angels recover fully and go to loving homes.


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