Friendly but terrified dog dies on Monday

Eager to please, terrified and scheduled to die if she isn’t out by Monday

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A beautiful Catahoula mix is facing a grim future. The young dog, named “Schatze,”  is loving and friendly, but terrified in her kennel run at an animal control agency near Corpus Christi, Texas. Schatze is so traumatized by her current situation that she hides in her kennel run, shaking and crying in fear.

On Saturday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue, wrote a few words on Schatze’s behalf:


Schatze is the kind of dog doomed in a full KILL shelter. This catahoula mix is loving and friendly, good with other dogs and so eager to please. She is also TERRIFIED. When volunteers take Schatze outside she blossoms but when she is in her kennel she hides with her face in the corner and cries.

Volunteers explained why Schatze is in serious trouble:No one picks the trembling dog. Since no one has given Schatze a chance

No one picks the trembling dog. Since no one has given Schatze a chance she is OUT OF TIME! Must leave the shelter MONDAY or she will be EUTHANIZED!

Schatze has very little time – please share her information to help save her life.

South Texas Shelter Near Corpus Christi

Kennel 7

FMI call or text 979-595-8356

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17 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    She is gorgeous. I can’t believe no one wants this precious furbaby…….

    I wish I could have her but I have commitments to my current furbaby…….

    I am willing to donate to a rescue who could pull her out…..

  2. Linda Pappert says:

    It is downright incredible and outrageous that these so-called humans actually exist. They are seriously neurologically or psychiatrically damaged. I’m inclined to lean towards psychiatric illnesses. They need to be removed from society and dealt with as indicated.
    I am a basically nonviolent person, but these animal atrocities make me livid. We must find ways to stop and end them.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE save Schatze – being scared should not prevent her from being adopted or rescued – give this dog a chance for a good life – she needs saving, not killing – some of these shelters are way too quick to euthanize animals without giving them proper time to adjust to a new environment – it makes me very angry to see perfectly adoptable animals be killed.


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