Dumped at shelter in trash bag: Owner ordered dog euth’ed because of fleas

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Why else would a family dog have fleas or intestinal parasites if not from neglect? And so the reason sweet Canela was brought to the clinic of  Compassion Without Borders in Mexico in a trash bag and ordered to be euthanized by her owner because she had parasites had been  a very disturbing and tragic story. Of course, the southern California based non profit organization had no intentions of ending the sweet dog’s life for a condition that could be easily treated, and months later Canela is now healthy, happy and ready to come to California to find her “forever” home.

Tomorrow,  Compassion Without Borders will have the opportunity to transport Canela and 59 other dogs out of Mexico – the organization’s biggest international rescue to date. Canela and 28 other dogs still need transport sponsorship; cost is just $150 to help a dog and save a life.

Kiwi and Mango were also brought into the Mexico clinic a few weeks ago. Both were covered in mange and had a very difficult time beginning their lives. Volunteers and staff fell in love with them instantly. They received the care they needed and are now ready to begin their lives. Won’t you help?



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(Photos and videos of  dog in trash bag, Kiwi, Mango and video courtesy of Compassion Without Borders)

Check out Kiwi and Mango who are hoping to be rescued on September 17 too.

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  1. Maybe my question about TEXAS on an EARLIER POST was just answered!!!! It is pretty apparent from the total NEGLECT of the little four-legged animals how the little innocent children are more than likely surviving !!!!! Good God putting a dog down because she has fleas is NOTHING SHORT OF MORONIC!!!!!

  2. I like to take my foot and kick the own right in his fucking face you’re a fucking douche bag you’re the one that didn’t take care of your dog made her Suffer with fleas

    • The owner should be in the trash bag in the middle of the road with a semi coming through with me driving. That would bring a smile to my face. Sick of these humans who abuse animals. They need to pay the price for the pain and suffering of these poor animals!!


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