Duct-taped and tied up puppy abandoned along side of road

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In Tracy, California, an abused puppy was discovered on Saturday morning along Coral Hollow Road near Highway 205.  The three-month-old Mastiff mix had been duct-taped around his muzzle and his front legs. He had deep lacerations on his head and rear leg.

According to the City of Tracy Animal Services’ Facebook, the friendly little pup has been named Frankie – short for Frankenstein considering when he was found and rescued. He is described as very friendly, very affectionate and very forgiving; not giving his torturous past a second thought. Dr, Natalie Olsen from Jules Vet has been caring for the pup after repairing his torn ear and stitching up his open wounds.

Natalie Raley Olsen: “There is my sweet little patient!!! He is such sweetheart! Truly my pleasure to put his little ear back on…….he needs an amazing forever home for sure!! Poor baby.”

Frankie has had quite a few offers for adoption already. The shelter is looking for an approved rescue organization to help out.

It is hoped the culprits who tortured Frankie can be found and punished. The city is hoping someone will come forward with information about this puppy and help him find some justice. Tips can be called into the shelter at 209.831.6364.

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(Photos of duct-taped Frankie provided by City Of Tracy Animal Services)

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5 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Find the bastard who hurt Frankie and and torture the POS the same way this human trash treated Frankie. Only a coward would hurt a 3 month old defenseless puppy. I hope for Frankie’s recovery and adopted out to a forever loving family.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Some people are not worthy of breathing and the bastard who did this to Frankie is definitely one. I hope this bastard is found bound and gagged laying in a ditch somewhere – he deserves the same consideration he gave this little dog – NONE!

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Frankie needs justice! The person or people who did this should at least get a life sentence with no parole or executed!

  4. Red says:

    If you know the monster who did this………….REPORT THEM OR YOU ARE AS USELESS AND WORTHLESS as they are. REPORT THE PERSON WHO DID THIS!


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