Dog doomed by irresponsible owner

Doomed dog: Irresponsible owner told shelter, ‘You might as well kill her’

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A young dog was completely and utterly let down by her former, irresponsible owner, who told an animal shelter, “you might as well kill her.” The dog, named “Xena,” lived her life outside – without training, without supervision, without vaccinations, licensing or ever having been spayed.

Suffice to say, left to her own devices, Xena got herself into trouble and she did not have a responsible owner to help her afterwards. Xena is the type of dog who is highly motivated by movement (shepherd and border collie owners will understand what this means!). On two of the occasions when Xena was gallivanting outdoors without supervision, her propensity to chase after moving objects got the better of her.

In instance number one, she chased after someone mowing his yard and nipped at his pant leg. On instance number two, Xena, again unsupervised, chased after a child on a bicycle (which of course was overly enticing because it was moving). The nips resulted in nasty designations (dangerous dog) and hefty fines.

Xena’s owner did what she always did – let her dog down. Xena was taken to a shelter and staff was told that they “Might as well kill her.” Fortunately for Xena, someone took a chance on meeting her before her period of quarantine expired (at which time she would have been put down) – despite the frightening signs outside of her kennel run warning of a dangerous dog inside.

Xena’s angel described the first encounter, “When I first approached – entering her kennel without fear nor hesitation – I was immediately met by this sweet girl who gingerly took treats from my hand, kissing my fingers in appreciation before burying her head in the crook of my arm, struggling to deposit her entire 66-pounds in my lap.”

Since that time, Xena has been vaccinated and altered and she completed an intensive month-long training program where she exhibited “exemplary behavior.” Unfortunately, Xena needs more help. A fundraiser established to help Xena explains:

We have reached the point where Xena’s training is concluding, and must find her a receiving rescue, foster, or knowledgeable and responsible adopter. In order to facilitate that success, we are asking for your help to raise funds to cover a year’s worth of surety bond and to reimburse the rescuer who used his mortgage payment to cover her training costs. Although we are convinced that Xena would pass a re-evaluation of her “dangerous dog” determination with flying colors, under Minnesota law she would most likely NOT be given that opportunity for at least a full year, given her two-incident history.

Xena deserves a chance to be a beloved companion to a responsible owner. Please click here to read more about how you can help make that dream a reality.

Note: All donations are being processed under the auspices of the Lake Superior Humane Society (Knife River, MN) – a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their generosity.


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  1. maxiemom says:

    I hate people. I really do. That bitch had no more business having a dog than I do having a tiger. Whatever horrible things happen to her in her life, she has earned. Let’s all hope Xena finds a rescue and a great home.

  2. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    Thank you, Penny – for helping me with Xena plight!

    Donations are beginning to arrive, and tax-deductible receipts are being sent in response…

    RR Professionals have been of tremendous help, and are allowing Xena to remain with them – reinforcing her training regimen, as we work together to find her an appropriate, protective forever home.

    Bless you all for helping this precious girl: From the very first time I entered her run at the shelter, she has shown nothing but love…

    • linda says:

      Thank you Stephen. I’m hoping for the best for Xena. She unfortunately had an owner who didn’t and wouldn’t take the time too teach and love her.

  3. Ravanna Schonlau says:

    That is so sad and irresponsible. So if your child gets into trouble…you what? Kill it or throw it away. Why can’t people get it. Pets are a responsibility. They have FEELINGs. They will love you to the end and unconditionally. Pity that humans can’t do the same. SHAME on you. I pray this sweetie finds a WORTHY FOREVER LOVING HOME.

  4. Star Shelley says:

    How sad that these people get a dog and do nothing to help and train her. Why in the hell do these type of responsibilevent idiots even have a dog. I prayer that she has a life of love and care. . I am sure with some training she will be just fine. Bless her.

  5. lilsdad73 says:

    That is so sad, that this beautiful little angel was treated so poorly, but it’s a real testament to Xena’s innate goodness that she reciprocated so well and with such love, when she was given some much needed love and attention from this kind angel. Two angels found each other! And hopefully Xena will find a loving, responsible home and proper happy life! ❤️

  6. resqdogz says:

    Update on Xena’s situation:
    Due to her continuing bouts of “Happy Tail” (aka kennel tail, anything BUT “happy”!)l we’re now facing an immediate $775 surgical cost to remove her tail (to a short stub): Concerns are mounting over the possibility of infection setting in, as she continues to “worry” at her wounds, destroying two cones already.

    We’re opting for a laser procedure, to reduce the risk of bleeding…

    Even though she has been housed in a large run, she was relocated to a “double kennel” – normally, spacious enough for a pair of companions, but her over-exuberant wiggle-butt just won’t stop, and she’s continually injuring her caudal vertebrae, and abrading her tail fur to the point of constant bleeding.

    Please consider helping us cover the balance of her surgical cost of $390.00?!

    Donations may be made through her YouCaring fundraiser:

    Thank you!


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