Dogs returned to Seattle pet owner after cops smashed window of hot vehicle

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Two dogs left in a hot SUV and rescued by Seattle police officers after smashing a back window to free the pets were returned to their owners on Tuesday. According to King5News, the Seattle Animal Shelter cited the owner for leaving the dogs in an unattended vehicle.

Seattle Police Department were summoned to a parking lot near Pier 55 on Sunday after Good Samaritans reported two dogs in a locked SUV that appeared to be distressed from the afternoon heat. After assessing the situation, authorities determined the temperature in the vehicle registered more than 100 degrees; a police officer made the decision to break a rear window in order to free the dogs of the intense and deadly heat. With cameras rolling and a huge crowd of onlookers standing by, there was a cheer from everyone as the dogs were pulled safely out of the vehicle and transported to the shelter for exams.

The two dogs – one a Great Pyrenees mix and a pit bull mix, had been transported to the Seattle Animal Shelter to be checked out by their veterinarian staff. Both dogs showed signs of heat stress. These dogs were lucky.

Pet owners are repeatedly being warned not to be lazy and take your dogs home whenever you have to “run to the store.” It only takes moments for your vehicle to heat up to unbearable temperatures. Just imagine if it was you left in the hot vehicle with the windows rolled down only an inch? Should the dogs have been returned to their owner?

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11 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    Absolutely not!!! Who in the world made that idiotic decision to return the dogs??? Well it’ll just happen again and I’m afraid next time these poor dogs won’t make it out alive.

  2. Red says:

    I would say they shouldn’t get them back….without paying a HUGE fine. Then you will know they were just really stupid and want them back. If they are taken…..they may never be adopted then what?

  3. Daniel Clarkson says:

    Whoever it was that made the decision to return these dogs to their owner, should also be charged when, not if, they get left in the hot car again, and they die. It’s disgusting that these things happen, when almost everyone knows that dogs die in those temperatures. Also it’s not a quick and peaceful death either, but slow and extremely painful, as their body heats up, and essential organs slowly fail, until death brings the release that the animal didn’t deserve.

  4. Sherry says:

    Why are they returning animals to the ignorant, negligent owners that would have likely killed them, had there not been an intervention? I just don’t get it. Thought we were supposed to protect animals from abuse not reward morons for NOT taking care of their animals.


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