Dogs died after being left out in the sun

Dogs left in scorching sun died – owners facing charges

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In the midst of a heat wave, two dogs in Toledo, Ohio, were left to suffer in the scorching sun. According to Thursday’s ABC 13 News, one of the dogs was found tethered outside to a cement block – another dog, in a different yard, was left without a way to escape from the sun and was in such bad shape by the time he was found that he had to be euthanized.

The heartbreaking news is frustrating to animal lovers who believe that everyone should know better – who in their right mind leaves an animal outside to suffer in the heat? The Toledo Area Humane Society is using the tragic incidents as a warning to other pet owners.

On Friday morning, the animal welfare agency stated:

Again, if you see something– say something! Do NOT leave your dogs out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time and do NOT leave them in the car (even with the windows down) for extended periods of time. It doesn’t take long for them to over heat…

The people who owned the dogs who died will be prosecuted – even if they are punished, the suffering their pets endured before dying cannot be erased.

If it is hot outside, bring pets inside – if a dog has to be outside, ensure that he or she has adequate shelter from the sun and a water source that CANNOT be tipped over. If you see a dog suffering in the heat, call the authorities for help.

Rest in peace.

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17 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    What is wrong with people?? Are they really that stupid that they think extreme heat won’t affect an animal? The imbeciles who did this honestly need to have the same done to them. They might understand the suffering the dogs went through

  2. Darla says:

    The suffering endured by these dogs is unimaginable. My dogs are inside my house with the AC running. In fact, I keep it colder in the house because of them than I would run it if it was just me. It’s ALL about my dogs. RIP sweet pup. At least someday the owner will know what it feels like to be hot because he or she will be going to HELL.

  3. Jill kurth says:

    Once again people are STUPID>DUMB> and cannot read!!!!! Omg when is this ever going to. End for dogs and cats!!! Just evil out there……putting them inside is such a simple thing with water……i sure hope they take them and chain outside in sweltering heat to see what it feels like!

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP furbabies. Sorry you were failed by your humans……. can’t fix stupid…….

    POS owners deserve to burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… hope they get there sooner than later…… and after an excruciating, painful and terrifying death………

  5. Helen says:

    Unbelievable! If you’re hot, your dog is hot and you’re not wearing a fur coat. It’s just that simple. So, if you have half a brain in your head, you would prevent your dog from dying of heat stroke. RIP pup, I’m sorry your owner is such idiot!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Every time I see one of these stories where these precious dogs have been left like this it breaks my heart. I can’t believe people are so irresponsible and stupid! They just DON’T care! Rest in peace precious pups, you didn’t deserve this!

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    The assholes who do this are no better than the Chinese that boil dogs alive! I can’t begin to comprehend the horrific suffering these poor,neglected,forgotten and unloved dogs went through! I hope more of society gets on board with the much needed harsh punishment for the utterly cruel and brutal treatment heaped upon dogs! If more of society would raise hell and demand change in the punishing of the assholes who killed,abandon,torture,and neglect dogs and cats we MIGHT start to see the crime of animal cruelty ebb a little! This truly beaks my heart! How I wish I could of saved them both! RIP BEAUTIFUL SOULS

  8. Sandra Bell says:

    Until there are meaningful consequences, this will continue. It’s time for really stringent laws to be put in place, so that thoughtless idiots will have to tax their brain and think about what they are doing — and that goes for the growing numbers of police who leave their K9 “partners” locked up in cars to die of heat stroke.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is not a case of stupid, it is a case of totally uncaring about these dogs – whoever the owners (and I use this term very loosely) of these dogs are – they should be gagged, hogtied and left outside in the heat and let them suffer as they let these innocent dogs to do.

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It’s beyond my comprehension how many stupid people we have in this world. How is the world running at all????

  11. Debbie says:

    They aren’t that ignorant!!! They are lazy worthless humans who don’t care! Why should they? Not like they have anything to fear. Just shell out some bucks and do it again!!!! Thats the real tragedy in our country!!!


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