Dog depressed and confused after owner surrendered him

Dog’s heart broken after his owner left him at animal control

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A dog’s heart is broken after his owner left him at a busy animal control agency in California. The dog, a six-year-old pit bull named “Blue,” has been held at the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena since December 7 – the day that he was left behind by the person that he loved.

On December 7, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, posted a video of Blue which shows his sadness after being left behind. The description accompanying the video reads:

BLUE has a gentle spirit and you can feel like he really wants to roll over and have to scratch his belly tomato him feel like everything will be ok. His Owner dropped him off and broke his heart and he needs help fast.

Despite the plea for fast help, Blue is still at the same animal control facility, over a month later. Animal control agencies are not set up for long-term housing of unwanted pets. Due to the high-intake of strays and other owner surrendered pets, space is a constant battle and dogs who deserve the chance to live lose their life.

Please help Blue by taking a moment to share his adoption information.

Petharbor link here (Per Saving Carson Shelter Dogs – Blue is “rescue only”)

Facebook thread here.

ID#A4482180/Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A4482180

If you are in LA County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to fill out an application at

Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about temperament, health and availability, must be made directly to the facility.


RESCUED – moved to SAFE Album on 03/30

RESCUED – moved to SAFE Album on 03/30BLUE has a gentle spirit and you can feel like he really wants to roll over and have to scratch his belly tomato him feel like everything will be ok. His Owner dropped him off and broke his heart and he needs help fast, so he can have a Home for the Holidays. Please SHARE for his life, he needs a TEMPERAMENT TEST requested IN PERSON by an Interested Party before the Shelter will allow him to be saved. Without this Test being ordered he can be PTS at any time after his Available date. A FOSTER or Adopter would save him. Thanks!#A4482180 My name is BLUE and I'm an approximately 6 year old male Pit Bull. I am already neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 12/7. I will be available on 12/7. You can visit me at my temporary home at CRECEIVING. Shelter, Gardena, California216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California310.523.9566, M-TH 12pm – 7pm, F-SU – 10am – 5pmPHOTO THREAD:

Posted by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

52 replies
  1. Tim Brady says:

    to bad we cant put the pieces of shit that dropped this beautiful pup off in the pups place for a few weeks. guaranteed the pup would still love them,best of luck Blue

    • Dee Dee Leger says:

      Not everyone that dumps their animals off are bad. Sometimes life happens and I would rather someone turn over their dog…rather then them let their beloved pet die of starvation. Since the article did not say why Blue was surrendered….I am not going to ASSume the owners were bad owners…for all you know…they lost their jobs, lost their home or someone died and they can no longer afford a pet.

      I hope you never have to go through that and if you do I hope you wont be to proud when it comes to choosing if your dogs live in a new home or you keep them and they starve to death (which is more cruel)…because your life is not guaranteed.

      I say this because my family nearly had to give up our animals 2 years ago. My husband had several mini strokes and he is partially disabled as the result But before that we were both working and after…he could not work and medical bills on top of our regular bills piled up and we had to travel to see a specialist. We tried Gofundme….but no one helped (we did not ask for a lot…just a lil to help us and nothing). I could not work 2 jobs either. I had to make sure our kids got to school and also take care of my husband and take care of the house. There were months our animals had to eat people food because we could not afford dog/cat food. But IF they were suffering and starving to the point they would have died….I would have given them up if it meant they would survive and I would have been judged by people that think life is perfect and no one should re home their animal….Well life is not perfect and things come up. But to watch and animal suffer because one is to proud is just as sick as someone purposely hurting their animals.

      I am so sick and tired of high and mighty people judging others…I mean don’t get me wrong…those that just dump animals off because they are jerks…yeah they deserve the judgment…but people like me and my family don’t deserve that hate.It would have killed me if I had to give up my fur babies. But I would know in my heart I did the right thing. But for 2 years my poor dogs suffered some because we did not have the money for the groomers. Luckily it was minor but it still hurt me knowing I could not care for our fur babies like they deserved. We learned how to cut their nails and we bathed them at home when needed. They are short haired so we did not need to get them trimmed and they are small dogs and a cat. If they were big dogs….We would have had to give them up. So next time you see an animal that is dumped….don’t ASSume that the owners are bad (unless you know for a fact they are) and put yourself in their shoes.

      • Luann Hamilton says:

        The chance of a pit bull finding a new home at a high kill shelter is slim. There are tens of 1000s of them in shelters around the US. No one can just assume surrendering an animal to the shelter is guaranteed a new home. Beautiful thought but far from reality.

      • Tim Brady says:

        don’t take it so personal, last time I looked ive never ever seen a whole family stop working at once, and im pretty sure anyone can feed a dog , and if youre that broken down 6 yrs after getting said dog maybe you ought to think it through a little better, I ve got 3 Pits that people couldn’t take care of but those people were kids trying to be cool

      • Astrid Ganady says:

        Those owners ARE bad!! Would you give your kids away, too? Because you have no money? No job? Kids are more expensive, than a innocent poor dog!!????????????

      • AJ says:

        My Dog comes first and I lived in my car when i was young because I would not give up my dog. They are family and forever no excuse ever to give them up. Especially to a kill shelter! There is a whole Lotta little monsters deserve it more than a poor animal.

      • linda says:

        AJ I applaud you for not giving up your dog. I would do the same. Glad you and your beloved companion made it through hard times.

      • Kris says:

        Oh please… I am broke, in debt, and rescue other peoples dogs that are dumped. I have heard every sob story, every excuse, and it usually boils down to laziness, selfishness, and indifference. Don’t get a dog if you’re not making them a family member. Don’t make babies you can’t afford. People are so lame!

  2. Cathy Rolley says:

    Poor Blue,if we didn’t have so many dogs already we would take him.I really hope that someone out there will adopt him and give him a second chance.Please if anyone can adopt Blue please please do so before it is too late.I wonder why the owner left him there. So Sad.I don’t know how to post these videos on other places but maybe other people out there will post and spread the word.Please let us know what happens.I wish I could adopt but we are at our limit.Someone please help Blue.

  3. Gilda says:

    Omg ! Blue is scared and doesn’t like all of the noise. I want to go give him a gentle hug …. LETS GET BLUE OUT OF THERE !! ????????

  4. Rosemary Walsh says:

    Watch this sweet boy’s head turns from right to left. These are “calming” signals. Blue
    is “talking” to the person who is trying to give him a treat. He is saying that he does not understand why he is there and is, indeed, confused and sad. That he will not take the treat is another indication of his distress. I do not understand how a person can abandon a family member who has been faithful to his family for six years! I hope that a caring family will adopt Blue and give him the love and attention that he so deserves.
    And that his previous person never adopts another animal!!!!!! Such a jerk!!

    • Ken says:

      I lost my job and house . A dog is part of your family . Would you drop your child off at foster because you lost your job or house ? NO ! Me and my partner have been through a lot however our pit is with us every step of the way. There was times we had 5 dollars to our name and we made sure the dog had eaten before we did. We are doing better now and our dog completes our family

    • Kathy Clarkin says:

      There are many rescues that can assist an out of state adoption. I’ve adopted out of this shelter and had him shipped to Montana. If you need help, let me know and I can assist and get you in touch with one.

      • linda says:

        You have to contact them (above). They never respond to comments. Blue has such a sweet face. Wish they would print more of the reasons why owner’s give up their pets.

      • Jennifer Johnson says:

        Kathy, I do individual Rescue & Advocacy & Activism. I have been talking to several Rescues in CA for years. They sometimes go Rescue ones I send but always say they don’t do out of state fostering/adoption. I would love your help. Please contact me: 478-456-8764. Thanks! Jennifer

        Also what is the status on Blue as I see this was last year?

  5. edith says:

    Cant this gentle loyal BLUE become a rescue or assist dog ?? He’d no doubt be a fast learner ! What about airport sniffer dog !? So many area’s BLUE and so many other dogs could be safe for a loving handler !!

  6. Madeleine Ward says:

    Yes Dee Dee I do agree with you…it does not tell why Blue was left but no one should
    assume anything. Just feel so bad for this sweet dog…I would foster and even adopt
    him if I were not disabled. I have two doggies of my own…an adopted Lab/Dach mix who
    who was 3 and is now healthy 12 who I got as my companion and a little 5lb Yorkie who I
    adopted from my Grandson. Lucy is now about five years old. My sweet companions…
    It would not be fair to bring in another deserving, needy life at this time of my life…74.
    I hope Blue gets his new forever home really soon…

  7. Cathy Rolley says:

    Ken,Thank you for putting your dog first ,I’m so glad you kept him through such times.Rich people should set up some kind of fund where they donate pet food and help with vet bills when times get tough for people who love their animals but are struggling to take care of them.I can respect and look up to someone who would rather help the animals then spend their money on having four or five expensive cars.Two cars are enough use that extra money to help the animals.They are so worth it.Then maybe we wouldn’t have so many dumped.

  8. Cathy Rolley says:

    They have food banks for people who are having it rough,They should have food banks for animals as well and also there should be funds set up all over the world for vet bills for people who are having tough times but love their animals and want to get them the care they need.Thank you to all those people who go through hard times and continue to put their animals. first.Thank you to anyone who helps them also.I myself feed hungry homeless cats every night on my way home from work.I don’t make much money but I have a few people who give me food donations for them so that helps and I am grateful to them for helping with the cat food.Also take care of some dogs that were dumped.A group pays for the spaying and neutering of the cats.So please for those people who can afford it please if you see someone struggling to feed their animals buy them some pet food or a gift card from a pet store.It really does make a difference.I feed so many of them that I know how hard it is.If you know someone in your town who needs help please do so.Think how good you will feel knowing that you helped to feed a hungry animal.Thank you.

    • Cheryl Celento says:

      Cathy they actually do have a site that when you just click on a button “Daily” you are helping to feed animals in shelters! Please go here and do this every day and “Share” this information with your friends! They also have shopping where everything you buy supplies certain amounts of “Bowls” of food. Please check it out and spread the word!

      • Cathy Rolley says:

        Thank you Cheryl.I will check it out later.I’m actually struggling myself now so I can’t donate at this time.I’m feeding almost a hundred cats that are homeless in four different small towns.I have a group that pays for the spaying and neutering but the food gets expensive.I have a few people who give me cat food donations so that. helps but it is struggle .I also have my own animals to feed.Thank you for the information.I was j ust hoping that other people had a place to go to get food for their pets when times get tough.It is so hard to see so many animals in need.Please people get the word out about spaying and neutering so we don’t have so many homeless animals.

  9. Trisha priest says:

    Just saw this, I really hoping Blue has a forever home by now. I live in KY and would foster him forever if needed. Just can’t get to him.

    • Cathy Rolley says:

      Thank you Trisha for wanting to take Blue into your home and heart.Does anyone know if he found a home or what and also if. someone can get the dog to Trisha?

  10. jacqui says:

    please tell me has anyone taken tis poor dog and given him a forever sad..hes heart broken..cruel evil people to hurt him like this.4

    • stacy says:

      Click the pet link.They don’t answer your questions here. It’s up to you to click pet link if you’re that serious. Geez!


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