Dog undergoing cancer treatment escaped from veterinary hospital

Dog escaped from hospital
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A woman in Tampa, Florida, is desperate to find her dog who disappeared after escaping from a veterinary hospital where she was undergoing treatment for cancer. According to Friday’s ABC Action News, Jennifer Kobuta’s four-year-old dog, Shelby, was at BluePearl Veterinary on Wednesday for a radiation treatment for her soft tissue sarcoma.

Somehow, one of the kennel doors was not properly latched and Shelby was able to bolt from the hospital. According to, staff at the veterinary hospital have been doing their utmost to find the missing dog and the business has also offered a $1,000 reward for her safe return.

Kobuta is not angry at the veterinary hospital – she knows that “mistakes happen,” but she is desperate to have her best friend back home. Anyone who has spotted Shelby is asked to email: [email protected] or call (813) 933-8944.

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  1. I would be sooooooo pissed. The kennel doors were not properly latched, but, still how was Shelby able to leave the building?

  2. Jennifer’s one hellova lot more forgiving than I would be: They’d better PRAY Shelby is found – and returned, unharmed – or there’ll be hell to pay (AND Jennifer)!
    Sounds like THIS chemo treatment’s on them, eh?
    How does a dog escape not only a kennel, but the entire clinic without being intercepted???

  3. The clinic is completely responsible. There are DOORS to the clinic!! Are you telling us that every door in the building was OPEN? There are procedures and it seems that “procedures” were NOT followed. Yes, I would be pissed too! Looks like anyone could go into and out of that clinic with NO PROBLEM!

  4. No excuse for this. This is why I never go on vacation. I will not leave my animals with anyone. Most people are too irresponsible. I wonder how she left the building, since her only her cage was not latched. I’m in Connecticut and there was a similar situation here about 3 yrs ago. A rescue grey hound ran off while at the animal hospital, no one ever found her.

  5. Blue Pearl needs to step up and do their utmost to find Shelby – it is THEIR fault and VERY suspicious that Shelby managed to get out of the cage BUT get out of the whole building and no one noticed – the owner may not blame them BUT I sure would – they are responsible and should be out there searching for Shelby – and be totally responsible for ALL the treatment – $1,000. should be upped to $5,000. – GET SHELBY HOME –

    • Thank goodness!! This has been so stressful for her and everyone involved. Hopefully, the clinic has learned a valuable lesson that the safety of a client’s pet is THEIR number ONE priority.


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