Dog is terrified and shutting down

Dog is terrified and shutting down at Texas animal control

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A dog who is being held at a city animal control agency in Laredo, Texas, is terrified and appears to be shutting down. Earlier this week, the Facebook page, Pets Alive Laredo (a non-profit, volunteer operated organization) posted a photo of the frightened dog in an effort to help her find an adopter or reputable rescue agency.

According to PAL, the female, shepherd mix (in kennel A28) arrived to the animal shelter on March 2 – little else is known about the terrified dog, aside from what is evident in the sad photo.  The dog, whose name is unknown, is obviously frightened and confused – being locked away from anything and everything which is familiar has taken a toll.

Adoption/contact information to help this dog (ID 79983) follows:

If interested in adopting locally:
Visit the City Shelter at 5202 Maher or call (956)717-5762 for more information

If interested in adopting out of city/state fill out adoption application

If you are a 501c3 rescue and are interested in tagging/pulling email or

Facebook thread here.

Note from Pets Alive Laredo (PAL): PLEASE NOTE: PAL is NOT the City Shelter.
we are just here to help get as many pets out Alive

Pets Alive Laredo Mission is to save as many unwanted pets as possible by closely working with the city shelter and local veterinarians, and placing them with loving families. P.A.L. promotes programs focused on sterilization, responsible pet ownership, adoption and education.

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  1. David Mckenzie says:

    She is very clearly terrified , for gods sake someone either at the so called shelter give her some comfort and I do not mean kill her I mean clean her and give her a blanket or something warm to lay on , and if someone from a rescue group is seeing this . i beg you please get her out of their its slowly killing her , that is inhumane . bless her she needs help

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    What is with these so called ‘shelters’ who hide away animals that are not the cute cuddly ones? This poor dog needs to be cleaned up, get medical treatment, and given special attention. This poor dog needs help NOW – PLEASE some rescue group step up and get him out of there. Apparently Laredo Animal Shelter has no interest in helping her – PAL has taken the time to photograph him, how about some rescue group stepping up and saving her before the shelter kills her. She deserves a chance – please give it to her.

  3. Marisa says:

    May God watch over these innocents. This shelter should at least put her with her sister. Also clean her up and show her love and compassion. These are the decent things to do. Treat her with dignity. You don’t know what she has been through.

  4. debor33 says:

    Someone please rescue this sweet baby & why isn’t this rescue trying to reach out to her & show some love!!!! Looks like she’s wetting herself…please help her find a home…give her a blanket & a bath….

  5. Susan Amerise says:

    I am Soo outraged how this poor baby is being treated there! It is sooo filthy and why aren’t they taking better care of this sweetheart?!!! Close this place down!!! Please save this baby!!! Take her out someone closeby!!! Call rescues! God please send a miracle in Jesus’s Name Amen ????

    • Brandi says:

      Can you please go to her thread on FB and add your pledge there? I will add it to her PLEDGE LIST once on FB. Thank you!

  6. Shelly says:

    Where the hell are the rescues!!!! Not to mention the millions of people in TX??? It time to step up and offer at least to foster this scared, precious baby! I have 4 rescued sibilings and have just in the last 6 weeks adopted 2 from TX high kill shelters and I live in IA or I’d take this baby!

    • Doc says:

      Rescues are just ordinary people who do extrodinary work for free. For one rescues are usually always so full from trying to save so many dogs: for two, once a reacue does pull these dogs for rescue, people stop caring or showing interest leaving the rescues to care for this dogs needs and care for weeks, months or more…. many people ask us to pull and they’ll adopt only to back out after the dog is safe. Rescues aren’t God and we have limited resources we must manage wisely, sometimes we can’t do more for the well being of the ones already in our care.

  7. Kathleen Drude says:

    She needs to be saved! For a lot of dogs being in a shelter situation is not for them especially if they come from some sort of abuse situation! The word shelter in this context is also not what it implies! Yes we are working for 100% no kill shelters but we aren’t there yet! The smell of death is in these places! For animals that are from abuse situations it’s the equivalent of being put in an electric chair! Think of how you would feel! The fear is palpable!

      • tracy says:

        I am getting in this story SO late bt once I saw the heading of this article and the picture of that Precious, I had to quickly scroll dwn to see if there had ben a recent update and praying if so, it was a positive one! The last shows “Adopted!” sent by Brandi! Is this the actual outcome to this story and this baby got a forever home? I know it’s past a year later but it’s never too late to get a story with a heart warming ending. Please Advise if possible! Thank you so much!!

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