Dog swimming in Lake Pontchartrain rescued by Coast Guard

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In New Orleans, Louisiana, the Coast Guard boat crew rescued a struggling dog spotted swimming in Lake Pontchartrain on Monday. According to a news release from the United States Coast Guard, a concerned boater contacted Sector New Orleans when he spotted the dog swimming in the lake about one mile away from the University of New Orleans. The boater, however was unable to rescue the dog.

A Coast Guard boat crew had been preparing to launch a training exercise craft when they were notified. The dog was quickly rescued and brought back to the station. Later that day, he was transferred to the Jefferson Parish East Bank Animal Shelter.

The dog was wearing a red collar, but there is no contact information for his owner. Anyone with information is asked to contact the East Bank Animal Shelter at 504.736.6111. Surely this boy wants to go home.


Many thanks to the Coast Guard for saving a life.

Photos via Coast Guard

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks coast guard for rescuing this pooch and hopefully his owner will pick him up or he will quickly be adopted. Looks like a great dog.


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