Dog died from heatstroke at dog daycare

Dog suffers fatal heat stroke while at Florida dog daycare

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A family is mourning the unexpected death of their dog, who died while being cared for at a dog daycare in Tampa, Florida. According to ABC Action News, Mia Norton’s family left for a vacation and they entrusted the Lucky Dog Daycare with their four-year-old French Bulldog, Porscia.

Shortly after Porscia arrived, Norton received a call that she never could have imagined – Porscia had died after suffering heat stroke at the facility. Porscia’s temperature was 109-degrees when a veterinarian examined her…

Amazingly, Porscia isn’t the only victim of heat stroke at this same facility. In fact, she is the second dog to die from overheating at the facility in the past several weeks.

Owners at the facility have stated that employees on the day that Porscia died failed to follow protocol…and the French bulldog died as a result. Four managers have been fired from the business as a result of the dog’s tragic death.

Norton wonders if enough has been done to ensure that this will never happen to another dog.

(Screenshot via Action News)

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12 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    How awful and so very sad! I can’t imagine that this facility will be able to continue to do well after the death of not one but two dogs,who in their right mind would ever trust their beloved pet with them after this? I’m wondering if this is the same place that was reported on here on this site!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    People should have been fired after the first dog died. I can’t imagine getting a call like this. I’m afraid I would be calling a lawyer and suing, They entrusted their pet to this bunch of incompetents, someone needs to pay!

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    So Sorry for your loss, I cannot believe that this happened and a Doggy Day care. They should treat these animals like gold since they are in their care. This is jus HORRIBLE!!!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Apparently ‘Lucky Dog Daycare’ has the ‘care’ of a rock – this place needs some serious investigation – to have two dogs die of heatstroke in a short span of time shows something is seriously wrong – OK they fired some people, but this place should probably be closed down since the owners are the ones who are totally responsible for the animal’s care and that obviously did not happen. These dogs were hardly ‘LUCKY’.

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    This Dog CARE facility WOULD NO LONGER be in business!!!! this is total “Bullshit “on the management of that facility!!!!!-

  6. Sherry says:

    So sorry to BOTH dogs that died while in the care of this facility in the last few weeks and their grieving families. I’m Glad four people lost their jobs over this but this is NOT good enough. bT The owners have the ultimate responsibility here and Obviously, they didn’t make enough changes if after the first dog died a few weeks ago, another one just followed. NOT acceptable. People should be able to vacation without worrying that their dogs are in capable hands at facilities like these. I hope the families have the strength to make claims against the facility to assure this doesn’t happen ever again. They need to file suit for their damages/losses.


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