Kids poured boiling water on dog

Dog suffered horrible burns after kids poured boiling water on him

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A beautiful dog is recuperating after being subjected to horrific cruelty. Earlier this week, the All 4 Paws Animal Rescue recounted what transpired before the dog arrived to their organization.

The South Carolina non-profit explained:

Last Thursday All4Paws received an urgent message from Horry County shelter. An abused dog had been picked up by animal control in desperate need of medical attention. Animal Control was called to the location because of “kids” dumping boiling water on this poor dog. When Animal control arrived the kids had disappeared but this loving pup had been left behind in immense pain.

The animal control agency had given the pup pain medication, but the injuries were so extensive that the medication did nothing to ease his suffering. All 4 Paws set up transport for the injured dog, who was transferred to their veterinary hospital (Animal Hospital of SC).

According to the agency, the injured dog was “too terrified” to even be touched when he first arrived. It is believed that the boiling water incident was not the first time this young dog was subjected to torture and abuse…according to the veterinarian, there were burns on the dog’s body at different stages of healing.

Kids burned dog

The pup was provided with stronger pain medication, a good meal – what he needed to rest and begin his long road to recovery. According to the rescue group, the next day the injured dog was sedated and shaved in order for the full extent of his injuries to be determined. The rescue agency stated, “We were horrified to see that even underneath areas of fur he had old scars and burns. ”


The dog, now known at “Khalid,” is beginning to trust. The group wrote that he, “seems quite grateful for his new lease on life!!!”

Learn more about the rescue group helping Khalid, and how you can help, here.


More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here.

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22 replies
    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      Monkey see, monkey do, and the same applies to children who see their parents abuse animals, and they do the same. I hope that they catch all of them, and that they have the same inflicted upon them.

  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This poor dog has suffered terribly due to some punks treating him like trash – there best be some justice for Khalid – I don’t care how young these kids are, this dog has been abused over and over – he deserves some serious justice – put these little useless bastards in a juvie facility and let them become the victims of some larger predatory kids – they need a damn serious dose of their own medicine. I hope Khalid recovers fully and gets the safe loving home he most certainly never had. I would LOVE five minutes with these punks.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Find the kids (if they are under 18) and bring them and their parents into jail and give them all a punishment they will never forget. How could someone enjoy seeing a dog in pain? Thank god he was saved and will be on a long road to recovery.

  3. Helen says:

    Place these little monsters in a juvenile detention for torturing this poor pup. They need to learn there are consequences for their cruel behavior and maybe they’ll think twice before pouring hot water on another animal. The parents of the little dirt bags should be made to pay the medical bills for treating Khalid’s injuries and pay a hefty fine. They also need to learn there are consequences for their kids bad behavior.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond outrageous and disgusting……. These POS’s are on their way to becoming serial killers…… Their parents should be so proud…… NOT……. Clearly the parents are awful to raise such awful POS’s……. perhaps locking ALL of them up forever would help society (their presence is actually a detriment)…….
    The cruelty shocks me…… anyone who participates in this (& views it as “entertainment”) is going to burn in Hell forever for their cruelty (hope they all die ASAP: alone, in horrible circumstances and afraid)…….

  5. Pamela Bolton says:

    Where are these HEATHENS parents? When found the parents should be included in the arrest It’s their fault that the kids think it is ok to do this to an animal. How dare they abuse this dog like that.

  6. Pamela Bolton says:

    Where are these POS’s parents? When found the parents should be included in the arrest It’s their fault that the kids think it is ok to do this to an animal. How dare they abuse this dog like that.

  7. Louisa Cornell says:

    People in this neighborhood know who these little hell-spawned children are. They need to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and they need to spend time locked up in a psychiatric facility. Their parents need to be made reimburse the rescue organization for ALL of Khalid’s medical bills. Until children AND the morons who breed and half-assed raise them are made to pay for the consequences of their actions this will continue. Some people need to have DO NOT REPRODUCE stamped on their foreheads at birth.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Those little bastards need to be found and charged with this abuse!!! If they get away with this again they will just continue to do this!!! The next time it could be a child or worse!!!

  9. linda nuckolls says:

    I say every month, just gather up as many animal abusers as possible, put them in one building, toss in several grenades and there it is, problem solved!



  11. susispot says:

    I hope this dog never suffers abuse again. He has earned a better life, without a doubt. Karma to the abusers, 10 fold.

  12. Joanne says:

    Heartbreaking and Horrific!!! The evil monsters that horrifically abused and tortured this poor innocent pup will grow up to be serial killers! Those disgusting scumbags are extremely dangerous and soulless, they must be severely punished! Kids, NO, they are EVIL MONTERS with despicable sub-human coward parents! This poor innocent pup deserves justice for the horrific and agonizing pain, severe abuse, terror, and extreme mistreatment he suffered! The evil monsters that did this disgusting abuse MUST be severely punished; they must NOT get away with this despicable heinous abuse! My heart bleeds for the excruciating pain, constant horrible abuse, and unspeakable cruel mistreatment this poor helpless pup suffered for so, so long. We must be the voice for defenseless, voiceless animals. Thank God this precious pup was rescued from the horrific hellish abuse from those despicable evil monsters. His life was a horrible nightmare of excruciating pain, cruel torture, trauma, fear, and terror because of those bully evil monsters! Sweet precious pup, I’m praying for your deserved justice, and for your speedy and complete recovery, and that you are placed in a loving and caring home where you will be loved, well cared for, respected, pampered, and live a healthy, safe, and happy life in your forever home. God bless you, precious pup. ????????????????????

  13. sandra bell says:

    If under age 18, the teens AND the parents need severe consequences. Ideally, they would all have boiling water poured on them, but since that won’t happen, they need to be fined an enormous amount of money, be prosecuted and locked up, and mentally evaluated by a mental health professional who loves animals. In the dictionary, the work psychopath is someone who can deliberately inflict pain and feel no compassion, guilt or remorse. That brand of “human” cannot be trusted to be loose in society.

  14. Red says:

    I hope these little monsters are found and locked away in a juvenile facility, then moved to a prison once they are old enough. Never let these monsters see the light of day again……then FINE their parents MEGA bucks for raising such little A.H.’s!!!

  15. PAT says:

    Sweet Khalid, I am so very sorry you have been through excruciating painful abuse, agonizing mistreatment, and unspeakable torture from those despicable heartless monsters. You were horrifically failed by callous sub-humans. My heart bleeds for the horrific abuse and pain you suffers for so, so long from those evil monsters. Those dangerous monsters must be located and severely punished! Precious Khalid, I hope and pray you are feeling better physically and emotionally, and that you have a speedy and complete recovery. May Jesus shine His light brightly upon you and bless you with a loving, caring forever home where you will be pampered, protected, respected, and live a happy and healthy life with a loving wonderful family. God bless you, sweet Khalid. ♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️


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