Dog stabbed six times while protecting owner from crazed son

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A family’s loyal dog was stabbed six times as he placed his own life and safety in jeopardy protecting his owners from their son in a violent attack at the family home in Kibler Park in Johannesburg. After a loud raucous the dog ran to his family’s aid.Soweto Animal Rescue

According to the Facebook page of the Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Center, the dog has been rescued and is receiving treatment at Kibler Park Veterinarian hospital.

“It’s alleged that the son wanted to stab his parents with a knife and the dog heard the screams and came to their aid, and as a result, sustained six stab wounds.”

An order of protection has been granted to the parents against the son. The son is still at large; authorities are combing the area searching for the suspect.

Animal advocates and rescuers have praised the dog for his bravery. The rescue group hopes to use this very sad situation as an educational tool to help people understand the incredible bond between dogs and their human families.

(Photos of dog stabbed six times courtesy of Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Center)

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  1. Cathy Rolley says:

    Poor dog I am praying for him and also that they catch the son.Hopefully over there the laws are tougher on crazy people like that.Just goes to show you just how loyal a animal can be .They will risk their lives for us.I hope this dog will be treated. like the hero he is.This is another reason that is so heartbreaking when you hear of cowards who do horrible things to animals they will be loyal to you when a lot people won’t and this is why when people do horrible things to animals they shouldn’t get second chances at all.I am praying that this dog makes it and that the son gets what he deserves.Thank you to people helping him.I hope the owners know what a special dog they have.

  2. Marika Sadkowska says:

    That evil barbaric son deserves nothing less than 12 stabs with a knife all throughout his body! He is more than twice the size of the poor pup, so 12 stabs is being nice. WHY DONT HUMANS START PUNISHING ANIMAL ABUSERS BY THE EXACT METHOD THE ABUSERS USED TO HURT OR KILL ANIMALS?!!??????? The law doesn’t protect animals! We have to do what is right, not what is legal


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