Dog stabbed because she peed on marijuana, then killed for being a ‘banned’ breed

Dog stabbed for peeing on marijuana
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A dog with the sadly ironic name of “Lucky,” suffered cruel abuse at the hands of her owner after she peed on a bag of marijuana. The attacker, identified as 54-year-old Michael Anthony Bailey, has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for punching and stabbing his dog last June, reported Tuesday’s BBC News.

Despite the horrific injuries that Bailey suffered, including damage to her eyes that caused them to swell close, she managed to make a full recovery – only to be killed after officials determined that she was a banned breed.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) expressed disdain for Lucky’s ultimate demise thanks to breed specific legislation that dictated her ultimate fate:

“This is a very sad ending as Lucky had made a full recovery and we were hoping to see her into a new home.

The RSPCA do not make these decisions. We do not agree with Breed Specific Legislation and have been campaigning for changes for some time.”

In addition to jail time, the man attacked Lucky has been ordered not to have animals for the rest of his life.

(Photos RSPCA)

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  1. Damn it!!!! Then find a place to send these dogs where they won’t be killed!!!! If the story had gotten out, SOMEONE would have taken Lucky in! There is no excuse in the world for killing this dog, especially after the horror she survived at the hands of the scum she lived with before her murderers got hold of her! CHANGE THE FRIGGIN’ LAW!!!!!

    • I totally agree. She is innocent & didn’t do anything dangerous or react viciously! Campaign for a change in the law! Petition the lawmakers! !!!! This dog should NOT have been put down – she should have been removed.

  2. Oh come on! They nursed her back to health only to kill her? What kind of sense does this make? “The RSPCA do not make these decisions. We do not agree with Breed Specific Legislation and have been campaigning for changes for some time.” Then why didn’t they try to get her out of the country. This BSL legislation is ridiculous, and saving a dog’s life only to kill it is disgusting!

  3. Euthanizing a healthy dog because it is a “banned” breed is cruel also. This dog could have been placed in a happy home in an area where the breed wasn’t “banned”.

  4. RIDICULOUS! The UK and ALL countries need to ELIMINATE that stupid “banned breed” law! Bully breeds are no more dangerous than a Chihuahua! In fact, a Chihuahua is MORE likely to bite than a bully! *smh* I’ve been bit by Chis TWICE, but NEVER by one of my friends’ Pibbles!

  5. How cruel and inhumane can you be! This poor dog was let down by every human. Dogs should not be killed because of their breed, judge the individual dog not the entire breed! Rip Lucky i am so sorry that the human race failed you! Heartbreaking!

  6. TOTAL BULLSHIT !!!!! Laws need to change, these poor Dogs are losing their Life over Low Sucking Scumbags like MIKE VIC !!!!!! They might as well kill Babies that are born because their parents are Drug Users or Have Killed someone …. This Law is STUPID and time for a CHANGE !!!!!!!!!

  7. Unbelieveable! To only receive 12 weeks is a joke, he viciously beat this innocent dog for peeing on some weed. Just unbelieveable!!!! He should have gotten at least 8 years in prison, imagine the pain and suffering that poor dog endured! Then he’s banned from being the caretaker of another animal for life… so what!!! That’s not making him serve justice for his vicious crime!!! I’m beyond words that the RSPCA took it upon themselfs to murder this poor dog after what she’d been through just because of her breed. They could have allowed her to be adopted out of state, out of their jurisdiction. She didn’t deserve to be murdered, she didn’t deserve to be beaten… in appalled this was allowed to occur! I’m sure numerous people would have adopted her, give her a forever loving home. I WOULD HAVE ADOPTED HER!!! As well as paid her transportation, vetting, all costs of getting her here to me. Posting should have gone out for help to save her life, posts for a loving family. The RSPCA should be charged for allowing this to happen, for failure to do their job, for allowing her uncalled for murder. It goes beyond comprehension, beyond understanding… I’m completely mortified!!!

  8. I cannot believe what I am reading. Why in the world do we save this poor dog life from a idiot who horribly abuse Lucky because he pee on his Marijuana bag. Just to be kill by Some Breed Specific Legislation . Something is very wrong here. Why couldn’t they sent him to another state, they did not even try. Lord have mercy.

  9. Elle a été tué parce qu’elle n’est pas de la bonne race. DE QUEL DROIT VOUS DÉCIDEZ QUI DOIT VIVRE OU MOURIR, VOUS N’AVEZ PAS LA SCIENCE INFUSE, VOUS N’ÊTES PAS DIEU. Les lois des hommes ne servent que l’homme ,qu’il n’oublie pas que dans la vie tout se paye un jour ou l’autre.
    Toutes les catastrophes naturelles qu’il y a dans ce monde, s’est l’homme qui les a provoqué à force de détruire se que la nature a construit. L’homme payera cher sa stupidité.

  10. This whole story is so sad.First I want to Thank the people who are trying to change the law on banning the dogs breed.That is so wrong.Just because a dog is a certain breed does not make them bad dogs.What the hell are these stupid people thinking, killing a dog because of its breed? ,That is like saying we should kill people because of their nationality.That is so WRONG.Now I want to tell the Asshole he is a no good coward,stabbing his dog over weed,what the fuck is wrong with you? Someone should stick a knife up your ass you no good piece of shit and cut off your balls .And what the hell why did this dickhead get ONLY 12 weeks in jail.What the hell are you thinking? If I had my way I would throw you all in a lion den.Can’t anyone get tough on these worthless cowards? These type of people don’t belong in society.Really trying to kill a dog over weed? what would he do to humans next? I hope someone pees on him while he is in jail and a few other things.I actually hope they kill his ass while in jail along with all the cowards that do these cruel things over Nothing a fucking bag of weed.That poor dog.I hate people like you.

  11. I agree Edith,they killed the wrong loving life.They should kill the owner and the stupid people who make up these stupid laws.Doesn’t make any sense.That poor helpless dog she thought she was getting a second chance and then they killed her rather than take the time to find her a home somewhere else.Someone should put you down for a stupid breed humans.what the hell is wrong with you idiots? Thank you Linda for being the kind of person who would have adopted her if only those stupid people would have given you the chance.Is. there an address we could write a letter to stop this stupid laws.Whoever make s these laws your just as evil as the coward who stabbed her.This makes me so angry and sad.Poor helpless dog.You evil evil idiots.

  12. Disgusting all the way around. Charge the owner with deadly assault and ownership of a banned breed and give jail time. Those who killed her disgust me. Find locations to send these dogs too instead of being killed. You should be ashamed of your selves as humans.

  13. I think this happened in the UK. What right do the Breed Specification Legislation have to euthanize a dog for being a banned breed? what the heck is a banned breed anyway? is a pit bull a banned breed? A petition is needed and action to tell the BSL never to euthanize animals. It must be banned.

  14. I think the whole world has lost there flipping minds. These poor dogs should not be killed because of there breed. This crap pisses me off. Maybe that should start putting the idiots that comes up with the stupid laws down. I don’t give a rats ass what breed a dog it is if you raise them right they aren’t a threat to anyone but put any breed in the hands of a idiot like the scum bag that stabbed lucky and you can potentially have an aggressive dog. They need to throw his sorry ass under the jail house and the people that killed lucky should be thrown under there with him. Anyone and I do mean anyone that kills, harm in anyway, abuse, abandons a poor defensively animal regardless of breed in scum of the earth and deserve to be done exactly the way they treated that poor dog or any animal period.

  15. Starved, then beaten, Then surrended/confiscated, Then sheltered, then nursed…
    Then executed? In the name of ethnic clensing? Did i get that rite?

    And partly because some pot head couldent keep his friggin bag of weed off the floor?
    This is still happening here? In this country? in 2017?

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