Dog somehow managed to survive horrific neglect

Severely neglected dog, Gretchen
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A dog, currently in the care of Maryland based Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue, somehow managed to survive horrific neglect. She has been dubbed “Gretchen,” and the photos of the condition she was in prior to being rescued are appalling.

On September 9, her rescuers posted several images and video showing just how pitiful Gretchen’s condition was upon arrival. Her fur was unbelievably filthy and matted, nails overgrown, and skin scalded from the urine. The rescue group wrote:

Gretchen was in such bad shape she needed a shot of morphine immediately. She has a large mass on her side, which appears to be a cancerous tumor that has burst. Aside from looking horrific, the smell is awful. She is anemic and has significant mats hanging from all over her body. Her paws are very similar to Sammie, they are huge and looks like she has thick casts on each leg. The vet removed the mats that she could without sedating her. They contained feces, black oozing material that looked like tar, fleas, etc.

The neglected dog’s appearance after being washed and trimmed is amazing – in fact, she doesn’t look like the same dog. On Sept. 13, amazing before and after images were posted for people who are following Gretchen’s progress.


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  1. I hope her owner is in jail right now for such abuse. This owner should get 10 years, period for doing this to this dog. Bet she took a bath and ate everyday.

  2. Another piss poor example of a human being – to neglect an animal to this extent is so vile – I personally would love to get my hands on this bastard and give them the same treatment they gave Gretchen. And I promise they would not recover.

  3. Hopefully the monster can be located that owned her and is responsible for this horrific torture. Bless this babies heart. Hope her cancer is benign! She deserves a very loving, wonderful home that will cherish her make up for the horrible treatment she has endured!


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