Dog safe after someone threatened to shoot him

Dog removed from home after someone threatened to shoot him

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Recently, someone posted a cruel message on social media – threatening to shoot a dog if he wasn’t picked up and taken away. The horrible threat was posted to the Saline County Online Yard Sale Facebook group (and later removed) and it quickly caught the attention of dog-lovers who were horrified.

On Friday, the Saline County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office Facebook page alerted followers that the dog in question was out of harm’s way:

This morning Saline County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jack Campbell was able to locate the black lab which was shown on many social media pages yesterday.
The dog was found to be healthy and in good spirits.
The SCSO is happy to report that the dog is safe and has been transported to the Humane Society.

The good news for the unwanted dog continued – according to the Humane Society of Saline County, the dog did not have a microchip and nobody had reported a missing dog matching his description, so he was able to leave with his new family, reported THV 11 News.

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    • Timbeaux says:

      Go to Arkansas and hunt the scumbag. If you are not willing to do that, shut up with the threats. They are not helping.

      • Timbeaux says:

        My comment is awaiting moderation? Who is moderating this page? The Pet Rescue Report does great work but won’t be perceived as such if animal advocates are viewed as violent.

  1. Star Shelley says:

    It so good to hear that this beautiful soul will have a loving home. Thank God that idiot did not shoot him, my lord what a cold heart that man has. SLeep well Mr. For you will never have peace in your heart.

  2. Mary Devonshire says:

    You really get to know who your neighbors are when you participate in those neighborhood barter pages…sometimes, the revelations are particularly disturbing.


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