Dog owner granted sick pay to care for ailing pet

Dog Owner Wins Court Case To Get Sick Pay To Care For Pet

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For most people, pets are family – unfortunately, in the eyes of the court or employers, they are typically viewed as nothing more than property. A ground-breaking ruling has been made for an Italian woman who sought legal assistance after her employer denied her request for paid time off to care for her ailing, senior dog, who needed surgery, reported BBC News.

The woman, known only as “Anna,” had asked for two days of paid leave from her employer,  La Sapienza University.  As reported by CNN, the University denied Anna’s request for sick pay, so she appealed, with the help of lawyers from Italy’s Anti-Vivisection League.

The University reconsidered Anna’s request after her lawyers pointed out that under Italian law, people who “abandon an animal to ‘grave suffering'” can be fined or jailed.

Gianluca Felicetti, chairman of the Anti-Vivisection League, commented on the ground-breaking case, “Now, with the necessary veterinary and veterinary certification, those who will be in the same situation can mention this important precedent.”

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6 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    THANK YOU ANNA for not giving up – your dog needs you and your dedication to being there for him is heartwarming. It is time ALL authorities get the message that animals are NOT property they are family and deserve the same consideration as humans. These archaic outdated laws need to change.

  2. Darla says:

    Very interesting. I know some employers are now offering pet insurance as part of employee benefits. When Buddy, the love of my life dog, passed away, I had to take “vacation” days on the day of his death and for several days afterwards for a period of mourning – that sucked because it sure as hell wasn’t a vacation.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a concept, most of the places I worked bellyached if we needed time off for our human relatives, never mind a “dog”!

    • linda says:

      IKR? I worked in a hospital and they got pissy when I called out sick with a cold. I thought OMG you’re more concerned with scrambling for coverage and not the welfare of our patients.


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