Dog owner sentenced to prison for stabbing his ‘only best friend’

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A dog owner has been sentenced to 23 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to stabbing his “only best friend” to death and then throwing the dog’s bloodied body into the trash. Peter David James Waters, 41, from the village of Yarnfield in Staffordshire, England appeared at Cannock Magistrates Court on Thursday and admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal – his Staffordshire bull terrier.peter david james waters 2

According to Staffordshire News Letter,  Waters appeared to be drunk when police arrived after a neighbor called authorities and told him Waters had killed his dog. “I’ve stabbed him once in the heart and once in the throat,” Waters yelled. The neighbor described Waters that day as loud and aggressive and heard him earlier yelling at the dog he had rescued just four months prior to the abuse. Waters stated Kyzer had been badly beaten, but the dog soon became his “only best friend.” After stabbing the dog, Waters then wrapped his dog’s body in a duvet and threw it in the trash. According to RSPCA Inspector Laura Bryant:

“Kyzer had been stabbed twice through the chest bone, breaking his ribs and puncturing his heart, before being dumped inside a bin, wrapped in his bedding which was completely soaked in blood. On the day it happened, Waters was overheard shouting at Kyzer – who he had only had for four months – but he has not given a reason as to why he did it. There was so much blood on Kyzer, on his bedding and on a radiator inside the house. What Kyzer went through is stomach-churning. We hear of so many incidents of animal cruelty, but this is one of the more violent ones I have ever dealt with. Kyzer would have been terrified and in so much pain – he wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

The RSPCA vet stated the pattern of the stab wounds indicated Kyzer had been lying on his back in a submissive position as if to say, “don’t hurt me.” Waters maintains however, he has no recollection of stabbing his dog who he described as “a beautiful dog,” although he admitted he must have done the egregious deed and called it “disgusting.”

Waters has an extensive criminal background of 32 previous convictions since 1994 which included theft, assaults and burglary. Waters is also banned from owning any animals for the next 20 years. Animal advocates are currently lobbying the government for longer sentences under the Animal Welfare Act.

Photos of man stabbing his only best friend courtesy of the RSPCA.

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13 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If this man has no more control of his actions that he can stab and kill his “only best friend” then 23 weeks in prison isn’t going to help him! With 32 previous convictions behind him, why is he not given a life sentence, get him off the streets, he is dangerous!

  2. MaryAnn Kerns says:

    23 weeks is not enough time for this horrible crime against man’s best friend. Although it’s a start and sends a message to abusers longer jail time and huge fines might just make a difference for innocent animals

  3. maxiemom says:

    23 weeks would be a joke if it were funny: instead, it’s pathetic. It should be 23 years! The violent piece of trash is a monster, and should be locked up accordingly.

  4. Sherry says:

    I’m so sick of the animal abuse ! A lot of times we never find out who commits acts of cruelty, but in cases such as this one, where you have a defendant and their admission , WHY NOT hand out some serious sentences? The courts are a joke most of the time in animal cruelty cases.

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    This thing did the ultimate betrayal of his best friend! This poor dog having come into a situation from a shelter dies at the hands of his saviour! The story had a nightmare ending! Rest easy now Kyzer you are at peace I send you to run and play with new friends in the warm sun! Lots of food cool clear water to drink and never again feeling pain fear or betrayal! Good nite Kyzer

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Peter David James Waters aka – SCUMBAG DRUNK – He should NEVER have been allowed to adopt Kyzer – he literally murdered this poor animal because he is an out of control drunk – 23 weeks is a slap on the wrist – try 23 YEARS. He is a useless waste of flesh and blood and should be treated like the maggot he is.

  7. Darla says:

    RIP Kyzer. Your young life was full of suffering. You loved that POS for 4 months and God only knows what you went through before he “rescued” you.


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