Dog owner screams at rescuer after she left pet in boiling car to get pizza

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The owner of a Springer spaniel who left her dog panting in a boiling car in St. Ives, Cornwall, screamed at a Good Samaritan for smashing the window of her car to save her dog after he was seen struggling to breathe in a crate in the back of a sports vehicle. The dog had been locked in the car for an hour and a half as the woman left to get pizza.

According to the Metro,  the dog’s owner had left her dog in the vehicle for the extended amount of time to go to Pizza Express. When she returned to her car she started to scream at Good Samaritan Clive Oxley.

“There is no reason at all to leave a dog in that state. But for something as insignificant as going for pizza is unbelievable,” Oxley stated.

By the time the woman returned, police had arrived and she soon admitted her dog could have died. Authorities estimated the temperature inside the vehicle had exceeded 125 degrees, and the dog left in the cage had no access to water or fresh air.

“You could not even touch the roof of the car; it was a flipping boiling car,” Oxley added. “I had to smash the window and get the dog out. I would do what I did again any time if I needed to. I would tell anyone in my situation – just smash it and get it (pet) out. It was virtually breathless when we finally got it out.”

The woman was able to take her dog for a walk down the street, and soon her husband showed up – all of them heading to the police station. Both Devon and Cornwall police stated people do have the right to break into a car if they believe the pet is in distress. And again, as we head towards summer, the completely preventable reason too many pets die in hot cars begins again. Leave your dog at home in the summer; save his life and think of your pet first!

(Photos of dog left in boiling car screenshots via Metro)

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15 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    Good for you for smashing that window. I would have smashed it too. The dog should be removed from the owner’s custody now that she has basically admitted what she did was NOT wrong! Protect the dog!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why in heaven’s name did it take so long to get a pizza? We order it, go pick it up and it’s ready when we get there, in and out. Even if she had to go in to order the pizza and hour and a half? I’m glad the guy broke the window and saved her dog! Instead of screaming at him she should be thanking him! Clive Oxley, you are a hero in my book!

    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      I completely agree. Taking one and a half hours to get a pizza is BS. I hope that the police charge the owner with animal abuse, and that she’s sentenced to be locked in a car at 150 degrees for an hour and a half. The other thing is that she should never be allowed to own any other animals.

    • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

      It could have been that she was actually enjoying a leisurely meal while her dog faced death – without the rescuer. She is too selfish and stupid to have a pet.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Giant THANK YOU to Clive Oxley for stepping up and saving this little defenseless dog from a loser of an owner. This bitch has her brains stuffed where the sun don’t shine and she should be charge with animal cruelty – to leave any animal in a hot car for any amount of time is cruel and if it weren’t for Mr. Oxley’s actions the dog would have died.

  4. Helen says:

    Lock her in the car with the windows rolled up, without water, under the hot sun and see how long she’ll last. Stupid bitch!

  5. Shirley Krentz says:

    I would have smashed her friggin window too to save the dog. She needs to be put in the car for the time she left her dog, and see how well she can breathe. Stupid lady… doesn’t deserve to have any animal.

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    I cant tell you how many dogs i have saved over the years because jackass pet owners lock their dogs in the car on hot days! Leave your dogs at home, when its hot out even if you park in the shade the inside of your vehicle turns into a blast furnace! Please leave them at home save your pets life!

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    TOTAL admiration for the GENTLEMAN who SAVED this dogs LIFE!!!! The owner needed her ASS KICKED THREE or Four times & NO I normally don’t advocate abuse of WOMEN, But then again THIS WOMAN doesn’t qualify !!!!! SHAME ON HER!!!

  8. Canine Paws Abilities says:

    There is absolutely No Excuse for leaving a pet in a car! With the education the public has received for so many years, if any pet is left in a car the states’ laws should say an idiot like that will be placed in a car for the same amount of time the pet was in!!!


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