Dog owner banned for life from having any pets in ‘horrendous’ cruelty

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A 23-year-old woman has been banned for life from ever owning or caring for any pets after she abandoned her two dogs and purposely left them to die without food or water. Andrea Davies walked away from her apartment leaving her two Labradoodles, Koda and Hachi, locked in the kitchen of her former home in Stepney Grove, Liverpool. As she walked out the door with no intentions of ever returning, she left the dogs a bucket of water and a bag of dog treats.andrea-davies-2

On Friday, a judge at the Liverpool Magistrates Court told Davies,

“This was one of the most horrendous cases of neglect we have seen in this court and no animal deserves to die or be treated in this manner.”

Davies had previously pleaded guilty to animal neglect in December at an earlier hearing. According to the Mirror, RSPCA inspectors discovered the animals’ emaciated bodies months later in an advanced state of decomposition. Both dogs died of dehydration and starvation. Necropsies of the dogs confirmed neither dog had consumed any food for months and had been left to fend for themselves. Davies never told anyone about Koda or Hachi and never reached out for help. RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith was at the home when the dogs’ bodies were found:andrea-davies-3

“When I entered, I found 90 per cent of the kitchen floor was covered with feces and rubbish. Then I saw the dogs, dead. It was heartbreaking finding these poor dogs in this awful way; they must have endured a great deal of pain and distress as they died alone…We hope by bringing this matter to court, we have achiever some sort of justice for Koda and Hatchi.”

In addition to the lifetime ban on ever having any pets, Davies was sentenced to a 16-weeks jail term suspended for 18 months, ordered to attend a 20-day rehab program, will be monitored for a mandatory curfew and fined $800.

(Photos of dog owner banned for life in cruelty case via RSPCA handouts)

Rest in peace Koda and Hatchi. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.


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  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il a prit 2 vies, c’est pas cher payé, il devrait être condamné comme un criminel, un assassin, les peines ne sont pas assées sévères, il faut que ça change. Pauvres âmes, que de souffrances.

  2. Patricia Green says:

    Really u got to be kidding!!! A fine and can’t own any animals for life and a tap on the hand what is wrong with this court system holy shit it may not have been a person that died but animals need the same laws as we have they are living and breathing just like us … I would love to find her and give her the same treatment that she did to those poor dogs … wow I am so pissed off !!!!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    Not enough of a jail sentence this is the problem they do not get harsh enough sentences for animal abuse or cruelty so with hardly any penalties it will just keep happening we need stronger laws dealing with rhis

  4. maxiemom says:

    Yes, this was a HORRIBLE way to die! SO WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THIS BITCH SPEND TIME IN JAIL WHERE SHE BELONGS??????????? WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LET THIS VERMIN OFF WITH SUSPENDED SENTENCES?????? The UK has proper animal cruelty laws but NEVER utilizes them, preferring to suspend sentences and merely give fines. This is NOT justice!!

    • Teresa Hicks says:

      You are so right! By letting human scum off with a slap on the wrist & no jail time they are simply condoning it in my opinion. Why would anyone ever second guess if they will get in trouble if they see how easy it is to get away with it! She should have been locked up for a long time! These poor souls suffered a horrible, horrible death all alone. Animal cruelty and abuse will never stop or even slow down when this is all the punishment they get for killing an innocent creature!

  5. Marissa says:

    So basically she got a slap on the hand. When are these judges going to get it through their heads that things are never going to change until these people get punishments that fit the crime. These animals have just as much right to live as a human, this is not just abuse this is murder and it should be treated as such. These judges imprison people for years for smoking pot which by the way hurts no one. Release those people and start putting animal abusers away for a very long time those are the real criminals. Our judges need to get their priorities straight and put an end to animal abusers, to date they are doing very little to protect these innocent animals.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Here is a case that I don’t understand at all, the person renting her the apartment that she abandoned never went to check on it? I mean for months, no body checked on the apartment? Sure she is banned from having pets for the rest of her life, but 6-weeks jail term suspended for 18 months, ordered to attend a 20-day rehab program, will be monitored for a mandatory curfew and fined $800 is all this POS killer gets as a punishment? NOT ENOUGH by any means!. I hope Andrea Davies some day rots in Hell for what she did to her dogs! Those poor babies!

  7. Edward says:

    Are you people over we’ll just assholes she deliberately and band of those two poor poor babies and they died horrific death and you spend this piece of s*** f****** jail time she should be put in prison for the rest of my f****** life without water or food pull up your f****** head why are you not sure what your face so we all can trash rest in peace guys I’m sorry for the piece of garbage your mother f****** ass

  8. pennysdachshund says:

    WoW!!!! First your “Pet’s” then your children and your Parents or Other family members… These loving animals most certainly didn’t deserve. This!! This Total Non—Feeling Narcissist should be serving “AT LEAST A TWENTY YEAR SENTENCE WITH NO TIME SERVED FOR ANY REASON’ The horror, pain, fright, torture felt my these dogs was nothing short of EVIL!!! The Judge in this case should be Laughed out of his position!!!! What a total incompetent Ass he is!!1

  9. linda says:

    What a POS! Where was the landlord? Surely someone must have known. An apartment left empty for months and no one went there? Something doesn’t add up.

  10. edith says:

    No body entered these lodgings in all those months & no body heard all cries of anguish all that time, even after knowing that bitch had left!?? And how exactly are they going to ensure this bitch is never going to have another pet again? ?

    • linda says:

      Cheryl Hanna. How accurate is this story? I find it hard to believe that no one entered or heard anything coming from the apartment in all those months.

      • Cheryl Hanna says:

        I researched 2 sources as copied by the RSPCA. When it’s not in our country, validating all of the facts is of course more difficult, but unfortunately circumstances like this do happen.

  11. Laura Lee Wojtowicz says:

    The punishment may not be severe enough for deaths… least it’s something. I know I know…but why a 20 day rehab????? This case is not about ignorance of not knowing or plain stupidness or whatever…….she did it on how can a rehab fix her brain if thinking?¿?????????????

  12. Star Shelley says:

    My lord, why, I hope she has nightmares for the rest of her life. No peace in her heart,soul and mind. My heart just broke in two knowing this babies died. I am surprised neighbors did not hear anything.


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