Dog owner banned for life from owning pets after causing unbearable suffering

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Daniel Gerrard Taggart of Portaferry, North Ireland, has been banned for life from owning any pets after a court found him guilty of causing nearly unbearable suffering to his young dog. A veterinarian reported Taggart’s golden doodle had the worst case of toenail overgrowth he had ever seen in over 13 years of practice.

According to the BBC News, the dog was seized in January 2016 by the Ards and North Down Borough Council‘s animal welfare organization. A veterinary evaluation of the dog estimated the dog had not received any exercise in a year-and-a-half – explaining that the dog’s nails would have taken at least that amount of time to grow to such an egregious and painful length. Taggart was found guilty of failing to take reasonable care of his dog to ensure its good health.

Besides the lifetime ban from keeping or having any involvement with animals, Taggart was sentenced to jail for three months which was suspended for a year and fined approximately $1,300 including court costs. A clear message against animal cruelty was intended to be sent; stating such behavior towards pets will not be tolerated.

The dog has since recovered and has been adopted to a new family and is doing well.

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(Photos via the Ards and North Down Borough Council)

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  1. And of course, there is literally NO punishment to this idiot who neglected this poor dog who depended on him for care. Just because he was banned from ever owning another animal means absolutely NOTHING – he can and most likely will get another one to neglect. A sentence of three months SUSPENDED is no more than a slap on the wrist – and a slap in the face to a poor dog who got no justice.

  2. It may be more than usually given out, but this is no real punishment for this asshole. This dog suffered every day for god knows how long. His fine was a joke. Hit them wear it hurts; in their wallets. ..and put them behind bars ALOT longer if you really want to send a message.


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