Why was dog named ‘Lucky’?: Abused and suffering left on side of road to die

At first glance, the abandoned dog left on the side of the road in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas barely able to move was thought to be dead.  But then he moved slightly; he had been spotted by rescuers, and they would not leave him there to die. At some point, the abused and suffering dog was dubbed “Lucky”; perhaps it was the moment they gently picked him up, placed him on the seat in their car and brought him to safety.

When Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was asked to help Lucky, she immediately agreed and as the dog’s photos were sent to her, the seasoned rescuer admitted tears flowed from her eyes:

“Lucky has clearly been abused and his suffering has been ongoing. Was Lucky a bait dog?,” Stacey wondered as she posted  heartbreaking photos of a dog obviously left to starve to death. Were the gashes on Lucky’s head and his injuries all over his quivering body an indication he had suffered severe trauma from being beaten?”

There are no answers at this time as to what happened to Lucky, but with the help of animal advocates and supporters of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, this dog will receive the medical and emotional care he needs to make this a better day and a new life. Check out his photos; the suffering, the sadness and the physical and mental abuse that one day will just be a bad memory for a dog who will never know anymore unhappiness.

Lucky is receiving life saving medical care and will remain at the veterinarian hospital until he is well enough to be moved to a foster home.

(Photos of abused and suffering Lucky courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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