Dog who lost his rear legs after struck by train undergoes surgery

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A dog who lost his rear legs, after having been struck by a train, underwent surgery on Friday. He had been surrendered to a local Texas shelter by his owner, and for days endured excruciating pain with no medications to ease his suffering. Had it not been for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the dog would have become just another statistic for euthanasia.

“Big Daddy had surgery today to debride and clean and close up the exposed bone, muscle and skin after he was brutally abused , and his back legs were severed off. His owner CLAIMED he was struck by a train causing this injury.
The pain poor Big D endured for days with no pain meds before being brought to a rural Texas shelter by his owner
This is what remains – 2 stumps,” posted Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization.

According to Big Daddy’s veterinarian team, the very frightened puppy has clearly been mentally and physically damaged to a such a severe degree, that he will need months to regain his confidence; knowing he’s safe and will never be harmed again.
Right now he’s described as a very sad puppy wondering how this could have happened to him.

“We are hoping Big D will be able to have 2 prosthesis for both his back legs after he heals.  He’s first got to recover from surgery today, which will be a lengthy process,” continued Jackie’s post on Facebook accompanied by the photos of the dog’s post operative condition.  ‘He’s resting comfortably and on heavy pain meds right now.'”

Big Daddy’s rehabilitation has begun, and it is estimated his road to recovery will be long, difficult and expensive.

“We will pour our hearts and souls into his recovery and making sure Big D has the best possible life going forward. This is what we do; this is our life’s work – to turn ugly into harmony for dogs like Big D.”


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(Photos of Big Daddy who lost his rear legs courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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10 replies
  1. Helen says:

    The owner of Big Daddy should be charged for animal cruelty and thrown in jail. I don’t believe this dog was hit by a train. If that was the case, there should be more physical trauma to the body. The Texas shelter is no better. You think the shelter would give Big Daddy pain medication and clean the wound. I guess not, humaneness is not in their vocabulary. Thank you RDR for taking on such a challenging rescue where other rescues may not not step in and save Big Daddy.
    I pray for Big Daddy’s full recovery and a happy life with a loving family.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    WTF – Name this damn shelter that left Big Daddy to suffer and DID NOTHING to ease his pain – this is no shelter – it is no more than a death camp and if it weren’t for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Big Daddy would still be suffering and in pain and awaiting death – Man, does that piss me off to no end – along with the useless sack of shit of an owner.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    HIT BY A TRAIN…..REALLY? I find that suspect! Keeping Big Daddy in my prayers???????? Poor sweetheart deserves all the love and adoration of a amazing committed forever family❤️

  4. Darla says:

    This so-called “shelter” needs to feel the same agony that Big Daddy endured for DAYS. The fact they let him languish in excruciating pain makes me LIVID.


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