Dog has ‘Lassie-style moment’ when she sniffs out puppies in recycle bin

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It was a canine good deed, described as a “Lassie-Style Moment,” on the Facebook page of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in southwest England earlier this week, when a woman’s dog out for a walk sniffed around and discovered a trio of puppies abandoned in a recycling bin. The dog barked to convey her message to her human when she found the shivering eight-week-old border collie puppies. The two males and one little female pup had been left to fend for themselves in an area identified as Failand Woods.Lassie puppies 2

“Luckily a dog out walking sniffed them out, and in a true ‘Lassie style moment’, alerted her owner to rescue them, thank goodness as we truly feel they wouldn’t have survived a cold winter’s night. They were brought in to us for safe keeping and they will be heading into foster care this afternoon after a full vet check,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook as they described the “Lassie-style” rescue- reminiscent of the puppies similar breed.

The little boys now bear the names of Carlos and Tosca; the female has been dubbed Mabel. Rescue manager, Sarah Schranz fears the pups may have been a Christmas present someone quickly tired of, but since their adorable photos have spread through social media and all over the Internet, the puppies have had dozens of adoption offers.

Animal advocates, and of course those of us who couldn’t get enough of the utter cuteness, donated puppy food, blankets and toys. The trio are all expected to be going to new their new homes next week.

How we love happy endings.

(Photos and video of Lassie-Style Moment pups courtesy of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary)

Check out how cute these puppies are in this short video:

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  1. Linda Patton says:

    Simply adorable! I’m in love already… it always amazes and mortifies me how any human can throw an innocent helpless animal away like last years garbage. What kind of monster does this? They had to have fully known those puppies couldn’t survive out there in the elements, cold, no food, no human contact or their moms contact… just darkness and fear. How could anyone just walk away? Having the knowledge they all will most likely die horrific deaths, alone. Knowing they died at your hand, knowing your actions caused this to happen. I’m the type who always has a response, always has an opinion, always speaks my mind, never softening my response but bluntly speaking the truth. Things like this leave me speachless, and that’s hard to do. I’m so grateful they were found and rescued, I’m so grateful they are safe and warm with full tiny tummys. I hope the human(s) who dumped them are caught and given prison time. Allowing this type of crime(s) to go unpunished are one of the reasons it continues as it does. No one fears punishment, judges let them get away with it with no more then a slap on the wrist…. changes MUST be made concerning this or things will never get better!!!


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