Dog killer sentenced to prison

Dog killer sentenced to prison time

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A Texas dog-killer has been sentenced to prison time. According to Monday’s Fox 26 News, 39-year-old Damon Lee Dozier will spend seven years behind bars after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for stabbing his dog to death in November 2015.

Dozier’s dog, a young pit bull named “Xena,” was found with the knife still impaled in her body several days after the stabbing took place. According to reports, the dog was still alive for some time after Dozier plunged the blade into her side…bite marks were found on the knife, though the dog never successfully pulled the weapon out of her body.

According to KHOU News, Dozier blamed the violent act of cruelty on an argument that he had with his girlfriend…he was mad that she seemed to love dogs more than him; he was also reported to be high on the day of the stabbing. According to Fox 26, Dozier has previous felony convictions, including assault causing bodily injury.

Dozier must serve at least a quarter of his sentence before he will be considered for parole.

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    • Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

      Darlene, I’m in agreement…but I am just grateful 2 fiiinally see an animal abuser, killer F’N SCUMBAG in jail!!! Piss on fines & probation! The SCUMBAGZ that really NEED put in PRISON, NOT JAIL…r these mother f- – – – rs that making DISTURBING VIDEOS & getting away with it!!!????????????

  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Pas de conditionnelle pour ce récidiviste, j’espère quand prison il subira toutes les souffrances qu’il a fait subir à ce pauvre loulou innocent, il doit finir ça misérable vie en enfer. Ce n’est qu’une sous merde, un résidu de capote.

  2. Linda Patton says:

    He didn’t get enough prison time. The dog suffered for days with a knife plunged in her side. She tried to remove it which is obvious by her bite marks on the knife. There was plenty of time to get her to a vet for medical treatments in attempt to save her life. No one even attempted. What about the girlfriend he was so angry with? Why didn’t she help? She just stood by and let the poor dog suffer… she played a big direct part in this dogs torture and death. BOTH should have gotten prison terms! It’s my opinion no less then 15 years should have been given, even that isn’t justification for the pain this dog endured. I pray he’s beaten everyday he’s there, that he’s housed with animal lovers, that he suffers as this innocent dog did. People like this are twisted people, they have no morals, no compassion, no regard for life. They are threats to society, to any and all living beings. I cry for what this dog was forced to endure, what she must have thought, must have felt. Those who were her care takers, susposed to ensure her safety, keep her well, love her, treat her with nothing but kindness, miserably failed her, they tortured her without a second thought… they left her to suffer while they went on with life like nothing was wrong. God forgive me for wishing nothing but pain and suffering on these vile people.

  3. T- says:

    NO PAROLE!!!! NO ONE WHO ABUSES, TORTURE, MURDERS an animal deserves parole!! Come on courts WAKE UP!! Any monster who can do this has no heart, no soul, no feelings….. they are MONSTERS. Lock them up or terminate them!!!

  4. Me' says:

    I hope he gets knifed in jail. Over and over then shove it as far into his chest that you can get it. Beat the ship out of him every time he moans

  5. Serendipitous Critter says:

    Yeah Texas!!!
    This it’s the best news to hit my inbox this month!!!

    Before. ‘ya’ll’ get on my case – HELL NO the sentence isn’t enough.,,. But there is a sentence..

    HELL YES. Now to bring it up to the status it deserves make sure this behavior is AT LEAST A FELONY TWO. Do that in all of the other counties in Texas, and all of the other states besides Texas –

    TAKE NOTE People, make sure that this was not a sacrificial lamb situation. Watch the papers ect. And call your local cops when one of our four legged brethren are victims of crime, Make Sure It is PERSECUTED. Make sure that those who have info have a number to call. Make sure that crime stoppers treats animal cruelty cases like Any other felony Snitches get Paid for victimless crimes like drugs how come dog fighting is not paid likewise?? Ask your city council. Ask your morning DJ on the radio let’s make out happen more and more often.

    And for the rest of you who think we should throw away the key on this guy well… Accidents happen in Huntsville, Texas


  6. Becky says:

    That poor poor doggie lying there with a knife in her suffering. He makes me sick to my Frigging gut. I can only pray he shares a cell with a very large animal lover…..

  7. RoseAnn Sanoski says:

    I hope your not high.. when they get your ass in prison so you feel the pain you imposed on Xena.. your a worthless piece of crap to our society !! Hope you die in prison before you get out !!

  8. Bev Woodburn says:

    Vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing Damon Lee Dozier, die you bastard. I pray with all my heart you suffer the vilest of deaths possible.
    Torturing an innocent and defenceless dog named Xena and taking tjis precious and innocent dogs life because his girl friend loved dogs more than this monster. Come on Inmates finish this vile and evil animal torturing POS off, making sure this evil bastard dies in agony.
    RIP Xena. Karma will get the filthy monster.


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