maggot infested dog who lived in outside feces filled pen

Dog infested with maggots after being left in pen with feces for months

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A small dog is lucky to be alive after he was left to suffer outside, in a tiny pen, surrounded by feces for months. The dog, dubbed “Remo,” was rescued from his miserable existence this week and though veterinarians recommended that he be put down (due to his pitiful condition caused by extreme neglect), he is slowly showing signs of improvement. Remo can thank the rescuers at Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption for his second chance.

The rescue agency alerted Facebook followers to the condition of their new charge on Tuesday – the agency wrote:

He’s was so matted, he could barely move. His eyes were even matted shut.
Upon taking him to the exam room to be shaved, he collapsed. That’s when we noticed his skin was literally crawling from inside. Remo, barely able to lift his head, was wrapped up in blankets as we rushed him to Blue Pearl Emergency Vet. Upon arriving, they shaved him and found several holes in his tiny, fragile, lifeless body, where maggots are eating him alive.

The rescue group posted a positive update about the tiny survivor not long after his arrival:

After his EN tube was inserted through his nose to feed him, his blood sugar went up to 138 from 48!!!! This is great news!!! Reno’s blood pressure has also been raising from in the 40s to 80 with the help of norepinephrine.  He’s on 2 very strong antibiotics and pain medication through his IV.
Right now, he’s living up to his name!! We need to keep cheering this boy on!! 

Remo showed enough improvement that his odds of surviving have increased to 50/50 – a vast improvement from when was initially taken in and expected to die.

Remo has kind, compassionate people rooting for him and with continued veterinary care, and lots of prayers, he may pull through. The local animal control is investigating the situation to see if his former owner will face charges.

REMO UPDATE!!!! He's a fighter!! He hasn't given up, so neither can we!!! Please help us raise the funds to keep him at Blue Pearl, where he will have he best chance at surviving.

Posted by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Donations to Remo’s care can be made at this link to the rescue group’s website.

More news and updates at this link to the National Animal News Facebook page.

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22 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    The so-called human that left him like this should be the same with maggots inside and out eating away at his skin, but no one should rescue him from his pain and leave him that way.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I could not agree more – whoever neglected this poor dog should be hogtied and dumped in a pile of shit – let the maggots eat them alive.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: I look at that treasure and my instinct is to want to cuddle and snuggle him……. How anyone could neglect this treasure is beyond my comprehension.

    I am very glad that he was found and rescued!!!!! I hope he is adopted into a wonderful furever family where he will be a beloved and treasured family member.

    His POS former owner deserves to be arrested, locked up forever and suffer for the rest of his life……..

    His POS former owner will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty….. Hope he gets there ASAP!!!!!!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    give him a warm bath and a haircut for heaven sakes,
    Mr vet. theres a small dog in there and maggots wash off with soap and water.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Ellen just why do u want to criticize the very people who are doing their all to save this baby! If u think that the maggots were not removed already then u are delusional! He is bandaged and u think they left the maggots on under the bandage to continue to eat the dogs flesh? RIDICULOUS! When a dog is this sick a bath is just more than the dog can tolerate,have u not seen this fur baby’s skin,the hair around the wounds has been clipped,that is just protocol! How offensive and nasty u are to criticize the very people that are working so hard to save this dog,WHY? WHY WOULD U DO THAT? I guess u think u know more than the trained professionals,u are not a nice person to say what u said! SHAME ON U!!!! SMH

      • ellen cottone says:

        The story goes…
        That vets suggested euthanize because of his pitiful shape.

        No need to put an animal down for matted hair no matter how
        Matted. We’ve seen matted
        Hair cut time.

        Magnets don’t burrow. Maggots arent even an issue. Maggots are a bi product of infection covered with dirty hair. They only eat the dead material on the wond serface. They may have helped him . The holes in his skin was his skin tearing when he moved from his matted hair.

        You clean the wound and the maggots rinse off with a streetm of water pressure., wound care!. Then antibiotics, intravenous for a short while then solid food. At no time was he not able to eat solid food.

        No where in my post did I criticize his medical help or treatment. I do take issue with the original vet (s) who suggested putting him down for matted hair topical infections and dermatitis issues from living in filth.

        Maybe now that you have a vivid picture on the, simple truth you can take it down a notch. The fur babies!! Are o. Now.

        Now since you got a little to much energy and time on your hands I want you to get up from that table top and you go by a can of $1 can of dog food and go make friends with those hungry stay cats living on scraps by the dumpster at CVS or Mc Donald’s. Their hungry and they are trying to protect there baby’s. And winter is coming. They need you to got some. Go . Their life is terrible.

  4. BA says:

    OH DEAR GOD!!!!!! OF COURSE THESE SLIME SHOULD BE CHARGED!!!! omg left outside…no care food/water and PURE NEGLECT!!!!!! the horrid human race need to know this will not be tolerated poor little angel was infested with maggots – WTF of course these POS need to be charged and never be allowed around any and all animals…prayers for this precious fighter and KARMA to the POS who did this!!!!!!!

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Some vets are too quick to say an animal should be euthanized. If an animal wants to live, you will see it in their eyes and body language. I’m glad the rescue decided to give this baby a chance. Prayers being sent!

  6. Flamingfeather(Beth) C. says:

    Holy shit he is so tiny wow that is amazing that he has survived geez you know these subhuman dipshits if I had my way they would suffer just like Remo had/has, they would be put in a pen and left just like Remo, don’t think you wont hear them screaming get me out of here in a short time,
    As a precious innocent soul is unable to do that dammit so angry! In my book there will be no punishment that will be given that will suffice what they have done here to little Remo!
    Gratitude to all of you at Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption for indeed giving Remo the second chance he so deserves????????????

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    WHY THE HELL would the owner not FACE CHARGES!!!! WHAT a Horrific Ordeal for this little guy!!! It did n’t day where this occurred… TEXAS again or What!!

  8. Pamela Bolton says:

    What other proof do you need ?? Look at this little boy! This Cretan needs put under the jail and forgotten! I hate HUMANS.

  9. Cynthia Como says:

    I’m completely and deeply crushed and mortified by the horrific condition of this poor tiny sweetheart! Remo is a precious,precious,precious treasure,a gift from God that was treated worse that trash! I want to lovingly thank UNLEASH RESCUE AND ADOPTION for going that extra mile and giving this precious fur baby a chance at life! I strongly believe in trying to do everything possible to save a dog and giving it every chance available to recover,ESPECIALLY when abuse is involved! I will be sharing this everywhere to try and get the donations flowing! I’m praying for u Remo! Hang in there sweetheart!


    Please update, is the owner charged? Worthless himan monsters I swear is all over the place! Please jail the owners, and have jailmates eat them alive in prison where they belong!


    How can anyone do this and still be a human being? Look at him! So precious and innocent. Karma awaits for these owners, hope you meet hell soon! I am teary as Iook at him!

  12. Cynthia Como says:

    Ellen,u are NOT a nice person! Which is why I always see others in a verbal conflict with u! I’m not going to mince words with u because u aren’t worth my time! Have a good day

  13. Red says:

    Please post an update saying that the useless monsters who did this have been jailed, fined, dumped in a dark hole, something…..ANYTHING other than no punishment!!! I do not understand why people have animals who do not love them and want them to be family!


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